Camp Doll Diaries - Doll sized God's Eyes craft

One of my most fondest memories from my camp days were the craft days where we got make “God’s Eyes” or “Ojo de Dios”. This classic camp craft originates in the 1500’s!

Ojos de Dios have traditionally been created for celebration or blessing, presented as a gift or designed to bless a home. During Spanish colonial times in New Mexico in the 1500’s Ojos de Dios were placed near areas where people worked and where they lived.

These God’s Eyes were often created by people while they prayed or meditated. In modern times this craft became a wide spread camp craft staple not because of its religious or faith based history but because of how easy they are to create with children.

When I looked at my craft box, I found I had everything I needed to make doll sized God’s Eyes and though you may like to try making them for your dolls.

 To make today’s craft you will need:

  • 2 mini craft sticks (I got mine at the dollar store)
  • thin string or yarn in different colors or as I used a dollar store ball of wool that is multi colored
  • scissors

Camp Doll Diaries - Doll sized God's Eyes craft

Step 1– Assemble all the items you will need for your craft from the photos above.

Step 2– Lay your popsicle sticks across each other to form an “X” as shown in the photos above. If you are unfamiliar with the winding/looping pattern of the God’s Eye, check out this post from my friend Amanda for a very detailed look.

Step 3– Tie one end of your sticks as shown in the photo above on the bottom right.  Once secure wind your yarn around the sticks. Move your yarn around the sticks counter clock wise as you go. Loop the yarn around the sticks as you go.

Step 4– When you have wound your yarn around the sticks until there is only about a fingernail length left you can knot the end of your yarn, trim it with your scissors and tuck the end inside the back of your “God’s Eye”. Your God’s Eye or “Ojo de Dios” is now ready to give to your dolls!

To get my American Girl Doll Ruthie to hold today’s craft I used a tape loop inside her hand and pressed the “God’s Eye” into her hand.

I look forward to sharing more crafts with you next week!