Hi girls, Natalie here! What’s your favorite food? Mine has to be sushi – I just love it! What’s your favorite craft supply? Well, I like just about everything, but I love Sculpey clay. I have made the dolls so much food out of Sculpey but I had not made sushi yet. Time to change that!

I start with a gray Sculpey clay that has a granite finish. I roll it out until it is about 1/4 of an inch thick then I cut a rectangle out of it. This is going to be the plate for the sushi!

Now I take a bright red and mix it with black to make it the same color as crab meat. I form this into a thick little rectangle.

Then I take a piece of orange and roll it into a snake shape to resemble carrots in the sushi. I gently press this against the red clay.

For avocado, take a piece of green clay and repeat the same step as you did with the carrot.

To make the rice, wrap a thick piece of white clay around the three colors of clay.

Now wrap a piece of dark green clay around it all and start to carefully roll, pull, and squeeze the clay until it is the desired thickness for your doll.

Then slice the pieces of sushi off of the “rope”.

Now take a needle tool (or a toothpick if you don’t have one) and start picking apart the top and give it some texture.

To make a little wasabi I just mixed green and white clay then swirled it into a little dome.

I made ginger with a bit of tan and red clay mixed together then rolled it up.


Once everything was baked I grabbed the tray and put a drop of black paint on the corner to look like soy sauce.


Finally I arranged everything on the plate and even cut a toothpick in half for little chopsticks. Then… TA-DA! Your doll has some fabulous sushi.

Do you have a favorite sushi? 

Until next time this is Natalie signing off, CLICK!