If you are starting to get things prepared for your Camp Doll Diaries summer of fun, this is a really quick activity you will love.

Doll Craft Cabin Keys

Julie is so excited to have her Cabin Key for Camp Doll Diaries. It is such an easy little craft – let’s take a look.

Doll Cabin Keys

When we arrived at Laura’s a few weeks ago for our Camp Doll Diaries planning retreat, she had already made some of these keys up for the dolls. Such a fun touch!

Supplies needed:

Step 1 – Decide on cabin numbers or names and either print them out on paper or write your own.

Step 2 – Cut a piece of scrapbook paper bigger than the label and glue them together (you could use Collage Pauge to make them a little sturdier, too)

Step 3 – Put a small hole in the tag and thread a piece of embroidery floss through the hole and into the key

Cabin Keys

Make as many little keys as you need for your campers and set them out in your registration desk area.

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