Camp Doll Diaries

Camp Doll Diaries - Make doll sized button yo-yos

Arts & Crafts coordinator, Ivy, announced over the loud speaker that they would be making Yo-yos today in honor of National Yo-Yo Day. Carly and some of the other girls headed down to the Art & Crafts station, but Consuelo didn’t join her.

Camp Nurse McKenna had already arrived at The Bearz cabin to see what was wrong with Consuelo.

“Hmmm, you are definitely running a fever, Consuelo,” said McKenna softly, “You will have to stay in bed this morning – no Arts & Crafts.”

Meanwhile back at the Arts & Crafts station, Sonali begins her instruction for making yo-yos.

“You will need four buttons – two matching larger ones and two matching smaller ones,” she stated. “You will also need some embroidery floss or string, a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun,” she continued. (Please have an adult’s help when working with a hot glue gun – they can be a little tricky at first!)

Camp Doll Diaries

Step 1 – Measure a piece of embroidery floss or string that reaches from your doll’s waist to the floor – this is a rough measurement – no need to be exact.

Button yo-yo

Step 2 – You will need to work quickly, but be careful not to burn your fingers on the hot glue. Glue each of the small buttons on top of the larger buttons and press them flat.

Button yo-yo

Step 3 – Place another drop of hot glue in the center of one of the small buttons and set the end of the string in the middle of it.

Step 4 – Put the two sides together (before the glue cools) so that the small buttons sandwich the string in the center.

Doll yoyo

Step 5 – Make a loop on the end of the string for your doll to put her hand through and then wind up the yo-yo.

Your dolls are ready to play!

Doll  Yoyo

Carly is ready to give the yo-yo a try!

Tip: Use clear elastic bands to help the yo-yo and other objects stay in your doll’s hand.

Camp Doll Diaries

Carly was worried about Consuelo and wanted to go back to the cabin to check on her. Nurse McKenna explained to Carly that Consuelo had a fever and would need to spend the day in bed, and that she needed to be very good about washing her hands so she doesn’t get sick. (Maybe Carly does need to disinfect her bunk after all – haha!)

Hearts for Hearts Girl Consuelo

“I made you a yo-yo at the Arts & Crafts station this morning,” Carly said to Consuelo as she placed a green heart shaped yo-yo in Consuelo’s hand.

“Ah, how sweet of you Carly,” Consuelo replied, “you know how much I love hearts! Thank you!”

Camp Doll Diaries Yo-Yo

And back at the Arts & Crafts station…

“You have to give it a flick with your wrist, Ivy,” said Sonali again.

“Oh, I’ll never get this,” whined Ivy as she threw up her arm in frustration.

Tip: Use a second clear elastic or a dab of hot glue to keep the yo-yo from un-rolling all the way.

I hope you enjoyed this quick craft. It actually took more time to find my matching sets of buttons in the big button container than it did to make all the yo-yos. 

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