Camp Doll Diaries Week 4

I am so excited to have Laura Kelly of Laura Kelly Designs (you can read her blog here) as the sponsor and guest crafter with us this week! The theme this week is Art Makes Me Happy in celebration of American Girl Saige’s movie (Saige Paints the Sky) coming out. This may be our most jam packed week of crafting fun yet, so let’s get started!

Camp Doll Diaries Art Apron by Laura Kelly Designs

Creating art and making crafts is good for girls and good for dolls. It helps them express themselves and their uniqueness while having fun and sharing ideas. If you know Saige, you know that she thinks art is really quite important. Here is how to make her an art apron so she doesn’t ruin her beautiful clothing. This project was done completely by Jordan who is nine.

You will need:

The first step is to download the pattern, cut it out and trace it onto the foam. After it is traced, cut it out the apron and punch the holes out.


Cut ribbon into 4 pieces measuring 10 inches each and tie them into the holes. Trace the pocket from the pattern onto a foam color of your choice and use tacky glue to adhere it to the apron. Add buttons and ribbon decorations to cover the holes and embellish the apron.

Camp Doll Diaries Doll Apron

If you want to add fringe to the bottom, you can make it like this with ribbon with 2 inch pieces and glue them to the back side.

Camp Doll Diaries Doll Apron

You can make little things to for her to put in her pocket of her apron. Jordan made a little jar of Mod Podge and broke an old paintbrush down to size for a doll)

Camp Doll Diaries Doll Apron

Here she is, all ready to create!

Camp Doll Diaries Art Apron

Happy Art and Crafting and Happy Camping Too!

Stop by later today for more Laura Kelly fun and a giveaway!