Camp Doll Diaries Week 2

Make a doll lantern inspired by Kirsten

This is a guest post from Kathy from the YouTube channel KKollect.

We are headed to yet another period in time as McKenna & Melanie have arrived from 1854! They are dressed as Kirsten Larson would have been during her time period.

McKenna & Melanie are going to share with you how to make Tin Lanterns.

You will need:

  • Small tomato paste or tomato sauce cans with their labels removed.
  • Flameless tea light candles (dollar store)
  • A hammer and a nail (and a grown up to help)

McKenna & Melanie went to the General Store and picked up Tin Cans. A good size for this project would be small tomato paste or small tomato sauce. McKenna & Melanie already removed any labels from the cans.

doll lanterns

They also picked up Flameless Tealight candles, enough for every camper. They explained it is much safer to use these type of candles!

rustic doll lanterns

McKenna & Melanie explained that the campers should write their names on the bottom of the can.

It’s now time to fill the cans with water and put them in the freezer overnight. This will give our tin cans strength so we can put holes in them without the can bending out of shape.

When they are frozen it’s time to decorate the cans! You will need a hammer and a nail and some wire, and wire cutters. And PLEASE get a grown up to help you with this part!!

The first holes you want to punch are at the very top, one on each side for the wire to slide in for a handle. Now, you can punch holes for any design you like on your tin can. It’s good to have an adult help you! Once the ice is completely melted, pour out any excess water.

Kirsten inspired tin lantern

We had 12 tin cans, so we made a sun & spelled out DollDiaries. We added wire for handles or hanging up. We then put our flameless tealights inside. The Tin Lanterns really light up our cabin. Just for fun, all the campers dressed up like McKenna & Melanie. (insert KKollect~7). It was a great day & a fun old fashioned craft!

Kirsten inspired tin lantern craft

If you’re interested in more fun crafts or just lots of doll stuff, check out our youtube channel, Happy Camping!!

Thanks Kathy! What a cool craft.