I went to a girl’s camp with my daughter a few weeks ago and just like Kit here, I was one of the campers that slept in.  Ya, Kit and I have something in common.  We have so much fun around the campfire at night talking, laughing and making s’mores that we don’t get to bed very early.

So, maybe we are not up with the sun, but after camp starts to stir and the chill in the air is warming we are ready to get up.

Cecile on the other hand… ya, if you want to call Kit and I Night Owls, then Cecile is definitely an Early Bird!  At first light her eyes pop open and she is ready to get up and enjoy the fresh morning air!

Since we started summer with a camping trip I new my daughter would enjoy a tent to play “camping” with the mini dolls.

I made this little tent out of Phoomph.  Phoomph is a fabric bonding sheet.  With adhesive on both sides it is easy to make a no-sew fabric tent!  I chose a canvas looking fabric for a canvas tent but you could have a lot of fun with different colors of fabric for this little tent.  You could also make a version of this tent out of cardboard, depending on what supplies you have on hand.


Let’s quickly overview the steps we will take to make this little tent.  To get started we are going to measure, draw and cut out the different sections of the tent.  Then we will cover each section with fabric.  Some of the sections will need extra details like a slanted roof line, windows, and a doorway.  After all of the sections are complete we will assemble this little tent and it will be ready for play or to display in a doll scene!

Let’s make a tent!

Measure and cut out each piece for the house out of  Phoomph.

  • Sides (cut 2)- 7 3/4″ x 3″
  • Front- 8″x 6″
  • Roof (cut 2)- 7 3/4″ x 5″
  • Back- 8″ x 6″
  • Base- 8″x 7 3/4″

Usually when you use Phoomph you take off the paper backing sheet, place fabric on it and cut it to the size you need.  For this project I decided to wrap the edges of the Phoomph with the fabric.  Every section for the tent is wrapped the same way.

To wrap sections in fabric, lay the precut piece of Phoomph on the fabric.  Cut the fabric 1/2″ larger than the Phoomph on all sides.  Remove the paper backing and press the Phoomph directly on the fabric.  Remove the paper backing on the second side and press the extra fabric around the edges on the top and bottom.  Repeat with the sides.  Use Fabric Fusion Glue at the corners.  Cut a piece of fabric a little smaller than the section you are working on.  Press it onto the open side with adhesive.  Use the glue around the edges that overlap onto the fabric.

Back Piece and Starting a Window

Before we get started, here are the measurements for the changes to the back and front section.  The back and front both have a pointed top for the roof line.  In a moment we will add the pointed top the same way for both sections.

Measure and Mark Front and Back :

  • 3″ from the bottom on both sides
  • 4″ across the top

Right after we add the slanted roofline we will start the window for the back section.  Here are the measurements all in one place for that.

Back Window:

  • 1 1/4″ from the bottom
  • 1 1/2″ from each side
  • Window is 2″ high


To add the slanted roofline to the front and back section, measure up from the bottom 3″ on both sides.  Across the top measure the halfway point, which is 4″ on these sections. With a ruler connect the mark on the each side with the mark on the top.  Cut along the line you just drew.

Now for the back window!  Of course windows are optional on all of the sections.  They take an extra step to complete but they add a lot of light inside the tent and are a fun detail.

To add the window, measure and draw a line 1 1/4″ from the bottom.  Measure the sides of the window 1 1/2″ from each side.  The top of the window is 2″ high.  To cut out the center of the window, fold the section in half and make a small cut in the center of the window.

Finishing Windows and a Note About the Side Sections

We will continue making the window using a side section as an example.  Before we go on, here are the measurements for the windows on each side section.

  • 1″ from the bottom
  • 3/4″ from the top
  • 1 3/4″ from the sides.

I need to quickly make a note about the side sections.  On the other sections we folded in all of the extra fabric that we cut around each section.  For the side pieces we will fold in the extra fabric at the top and bottom leave the extra fabric out on the sides to help us connect the sections later on.

Now back to cutting windows!

From the hole you just made, cut from the center to each corner.

Pull the fabric off of the adhesive and cut the Phoomph out in the area you measured for the window.

Remove the paper backing on the Phoomph and fold back the extra fabric in the window opening.

Adding a Screen and Finishing Sections
You can leave the window open or add a pice of tulle as a screen.

To add a screen, cut a piece of  tulle 1/4″ larger than the window opening.  Place Fabric Fusion Glue around the window opening and press the tulle in place.  Cut fabric the same size as the section.  Cut out the window the same way as above.  Place the fabric on the adhesive and use Fabric Fusion glue where needed.

Here is a closer look at what the screen in the windows looks like!  It is a fun detail!

Front Section

The outside of the front and back section are exactly the same.  Instead of a window, the front section needs a doorway.  Here are the measurements to add the doorway.

  • Draw a line 1 1/2″ from the sides.
  • Mark a dot ” from the the bottom, on the line.
  • Mark a dot 1″ down from the top point.

Using a ruler connect the dot on each side with the dot at the top with a line.

Cut out the doorway of the Phoomph.

Remove the paper backing on the Phoomph and stick it to a piece of fabric.  Cut the fabric using the shape of the front piece as a guide, leaving a 1/2″ border.

Wrap it the same way we did the other pieces and cut fabric to cover the opposite side in the same way as the others.

We need to add a fabric door to the tent.  Lay the opening on the fabric and cut the fabric doors 1/2″ larger than the opening.

Cut up the middle of the fabric flap to make 2 pieces.

Use two strips of Fabric Fusion Tape across the top and press the top of the fabric flaps in place.  When the tent is all put together you’ll be able to leave the flaps down or roll then up and tuck them behind the front opening to keep the tent open.

Putting it Together

We are connecting the sections of the tent together with Fabric Fusion Tape.  Place strips of tape around 3 sides of the base.  Place the back piece on the 8″ side.  Place strips of tape on each side of the back piece.  Press the fabric flap of the side piece into the tape to connect the sides.

Bend the back piece up and press the side pieces into the tape on the base.

For the front section, cut strips of tape that are as long as the 2 segments that will connect to the base.  Attach it to the base and attach the flaps of fabric on the side pieces to the inside edge of the front, just like we did for the back section.

Roof Sections

At first I wanted to fully attach the roof and in the process of making it I decided to leave one side open so it could act as a giant flap.  This makes an awesome play feature for arranging the dolls in the tent.

Because I made this change the first photo with tape on three sides is not accurate.  I included it to show where I placed the tape.  To make a flap roof, place tape on 4 sides of one roof section and adhere it to the top of the tent.  On the second roof section only put tape on the 7 3/4″side.  Cut a piece of fabric that is 7 3/4″ x 2″.  Place the fabric strip on the underside of the roof section attached to the tent.  Lay the roof section that is not attached onto of the other roof section with the wrong side facing up.  Bend the fabric strip up and onto the adhesive.  Close and open the roof flap to make sure you are happy with the placement.

Open up the roof flap and arrange the inside of the tent.  Close the flap and it looks the part as a mini tent!

It’s so easy to arrange the dolls in the tent with the flap open.  It also makes for fun “inside the tent” photos.

With the sleeping bags and picnic set up we made earlier in the week, this little tent looks like it is set up at a campground!

So I have a quick question.  When you are camping(or traveling)…

Do you sleep in or rise early?  How about your dolls?

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  •  Dolls-AG Mini Kit and AG Mini Cecile
  • Outfit-Both outfits were made by Anna
  • Scene-Picnic table, and campfire stools are here.  Mini trees are thrift store finds.  Campfire is adapted from this tutorial.   Table cloth is a piece of fabric.  Tea set is a Disney Princess Belle/Beaty and the Beast miniature tea set I found at Walmart several years ago.  Background is made with scrapbook paper.  Sleeping bag tutorial is here.  Teddy bear was from Michael’s in the miniatures section.  Flashlight came on a keychain (I don’t remember where we go it.)
We want to see your recital photos! SHARE what you create. Email camp photos ONLY to team@dolldiaries.com (note, that is different from our normal address), post your photos on our Facebook wall, pin your photos and use #campdolldiaries on Pinterest, share photos on Instagram using #campdolldiaries, too.

Enjoy a little camping with your mini dolls!