Camp Doll Diaries - Make a Stage for Mini Dolls

In keeping with this weeks’ theme I thought it would be fun to create a Camp Stage for the Mini American Girl Dolls. I am a huge fan of the 6 inch dolls that American Girl offers and there is so much you can make and do with these little dolls!

To make today’s craft you will need:

  • A shoe box
  • 5 pieces of felt or fun foam in your favorite colors
  • A glue gun or Glue Dots
  • Embellishments such as Fabric Flowers, Beads and Scrabble Tiles
  • Scissors
  • A Ruler
  • A Pencil
  •  Your Mini Dolls
  • * Optional Two brads and a piece of string if you are making the stage with the fold down back in step one.

Camp Doll Diaries Mini Doll Stage

Step 1 – If you would like to have a fold down back stage so you can stick your hand in to move your 6 inch dolls complete step 1. Use your Ruler and measure one inch from the bottom of the back of your box, the back will be the side that is usually the bottom. Make a line with your pencil at 1 inch all the way across. Then on the remaining three sides measure two inches from the edge of the box and mark with a pencil on each side. 

Step 2 – Using a parents help cut along the lines of the 2 inch markings. Start at the bottom right, two inches up from your one inch line.  Do not cut the 1 inch line as that is the folding line.

Step 3 – Bend and Fold out the Flap you have just created along the one in line as shown in the photos above.

Step 4 –  To help you keep the flap closed when not in use you will make a hole with your pencil in the center of your flap about 1 inch from the cut line of your flap. Push your pencil tip through and then add your brad, opening the backs on the inside of your flap

Step 5 – Repeat the steps in step 4 on the cardboard box above where you made your hole in step 4. Use a piece of string and attach it to the brad with knot so that you can then create a continuous loop to go over the other brad when closed. As shown in the photos above.

Camp Doll Diaries Mini Doll Stage

Step 6– To create the curtains you will need your main color of felt or Fun Foam. I chose Purple and Orange as an accent but you can use whatever color or colors you like. Make sure you have enough felt to cover the box as shown in the photo above.  Once you have made sure, fold your felt in half and then make a cut almost to the top. Stop Cutting when you have ½ an inch to the edge of your felt.

Step 7- Using your glue gun or glue dots attach the curtains to the top edge of the box as shown above.

Step 8- With your accent color, make curtain ties. Cut a long 1 inch strip of felt for each of the curtains and “scarf” tie them around each curtain. You do not need to knot them, just fold over as shown.

Step 9– Create a bunting for the top of your curtain as I have by cutting triangles into along a rectangle of felt in your coordinating color. Use your Glue Gun or Glue Dots to attach the felt bunting.

Camp Doll Diaries Mini Doll Stage

Step 10 – Embellish your curtains with stickers or Scrabble tiles as I have, Spelling out the words CAMP STAGE. Once you figure out where you want to place them Stand them Up and place a dab of glue or glue dot under each one, as I have in the photos above.

Step 11 – Add a few more embellishments, I used Fabric Flowers with a Gem Sticker on each curtain.

Camp Doll Diaries Mini Doll Stage

Step 12 – To cover the open flap of your box stage, use more felt in your coordinating colors to hide any writing on the box.  I cut Two inch Strips of each color and layered them. My Box was longer then my remaining felt so I made two smaller pieces, attached them first on either end of the box and then placed the longer piece over. Use your glue gun or glue dots to hold them in place.

Step 13 – Use scissors to create a Fringe on the bottom color felt and embellish as you would like.

Camp Doll Diaries Mini Doll Stage

Now your Stage is ready to use!

Today I used my Mini Ivy American Girl doll wearing repurposed Barbie Doll Clothes I picked up on my trip to Hawaii and my Mini American Girl Doll Rebecca wearing a dress from Auntie Robin’s Etsy Shop.  

Have fun playing with your mini dolls!