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Make a doll sized salad bar

This week’s food theme got me thinking about my favorite salad bar buffet restaurant and I thought it would be fun to show you all how to make easy salads, salad tongs and a salad buffet for your dolls using items you may already have on hand or items you can easily find at your local craft and dollar store.

Make a doll sized salad bar

To make your own Salad Buffet Table you will need:

  • A box that measures 9 inches high for the base of the buffet table. I used a large empty box of soda crackers as my base 
  • A piece of recycled cardboard cut to 8X10
  • Peel and Stick shelf paper (I go mine at the dollar store)
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue

Make a doll sized salad bar

To make the salads you will need:

  • Small containers from the dollar store or recycled lids. I used both. My Round lids are from face cleaning pads, but orange juice lids work great too!
  • Felt, fun foam or paper in greens, orange, red and tan
  • The leaves from artificial flowers from the dollar store
  • Red beads or red fun foam for tomatoes/radishes
  • Small brown pomp poms for the meat balls
  • Yarn for the noodles
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun, Glue Stick or Glue Dots

Make a doll sized salad bar

To make the tongs:

  • silver or grey duct tape
  • very small craft sticks or you can use tooth picks
  • scissors

**Optional Doll Plates you may already have or Large Buttons which can also act as doll plates.

Make a doll sized salad bar

Make the Buffet Table:

Step 1– Tape the lid of your box down

Step 2– Unwrap your shelf paper and cover your box as you would a present. You can leave the bottom un-covered to save your shelf paper as it will be covered with the cardboard top this will be your buffet base.

Step 3– Use more of the shelf paper to cover your recycled cardboard this will be your table top

Step 4– Use tape or glue dots to secure the buffet table top to the base

Step 5– Set a side and work on your salads and tongs.

Make a doll sized salad bar

For The Salad With Croutons:

Step 1– Cut up artificial flower leaves for a very realistic look, or you can use felt, green paper and or fun foam. Use your scissors to make small pieces that resemble a tossed salad and fill one of your small containers. You may wish to use glue to hold your leaves in place but I prefer to leave them loose and save the containers lid for when the salad is not being played with.

Step 2– Use tan fun foam or felt to create croutons. I cut small squares from my fun foam and placed them on top of the “leaves”

Make a doll sized salad bar

For the Tossed Salad:

Step 1– Cut up your felt and fun foam into leaves as you did in the salad steps above, filling your container. Glue in place or leave as is.

Step 2– Use orange felt to cut “Carrots” into your salad

Step 3– Cover your salad or glue in to place until you need it for play

Make a doll sized salad bar  

For the Noodles, With Sauce and Meat Balls:

I do realize that this is not an actual salad but when we go to a buffet it is always my boys favorite item so I have added it as a salad bar dish for your dolls to enjoy.

Step 1– Assemble your supplies

Step 2– Add a dab of a glue or a glue dot to the bottom of your serving container and make a loose ball of yarn to act as your “noodles”

Step 3– cut a fun foam or felt tomato sauce for your noodles, the shape doesn’t matter as long as it looks good to you! Add some glue or a glue dot and secure your sauce to your noodles.

Step 4-Add your Meat Balls if your dolls are not Vegetarians that is. Glue them to your sauce and set aside for serving.

Make a doll sized salad bar

For the Veggie Plate

Step 1– I used a round lid for this dish but you can use any container or lid to create your own. Line your dish with more of the artificial flower leaves. Be sure to glue them into place.

Step 2– Add more glue or glue dots to the center and carefully press in red beads, these can be “Tomato’s or Radishes” depending on what your dolls prefer

Step 3- Cut one inch strips from orange and green fun foam or felt and then cut them into small dolls sized carrot and celery sticks. Glue them into place as you go.

Step 4- Set aside until you are ready to play

Make a doll sized salad bar

For the Tongs

Step 1– To make the tongs you will need to cut a piece of duct tape the size of the length of two craft sticks or tooth picks plus ½ an inch. Lay it flat on the table and ad your sticks in the middle of the tape.

Step 2- Fold the edges of the tape over your sticks as shown and then fold them in half

Step 3- Trim the bottom edges of the “tongs” so no sticky parts of the tape are showing.

Step 4- Cut a very small and thin piece of tape and with your tongs bent into a slightly open position tape them in to place.

Step 5– Repeat steps 1-4 until you have as many pairs of tongs as dishes you have for your salad buffet. Place them in your salads when you are ready to play! They should also fit nicely in your dolls hands

Make a doll sized salad bar

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!