Good afternoon campers! After a morning of crafting, it’s time to get outside and explore! Long-time Doll Diaries friend, Sharry of Julie Newman’s 70s Time Capsule blog, is showing us how to make a raft for the dolls today.


Camp Doll Diaries How to Make a Raft

Hi Doll Diaries Campers! As some of you know, last summer I made a raft for my dolls for camp. I thought it would be nice to share how I made it with all of you. It’s actually pretty easy to make and uses materials you probably have on hand. Now here is what you’ll need:
  • 1 or 2 different colors of duct tape (this craft uses a LOT of duct tape, so start w/ a full roll)
  • 5 paper towel tubes and 2 toilet paper tubes (sorry I got it wrong in the picture)
  •  2 pieces of heavy duty cardboard measuring 10×5 inches
  • 2 pieces of heavy duty cardboard measuring 12×10 inches
  • an old medium size wooden spoon, salad fork or small wooden spatula (get parents permission!)
  • lots of recycled paper (an old magazines works great!)
  • hot glue or Aleene’s Tacky Glue
  • 1 sheet of craft foam
*Note: This is a pretend raft and not designed to be placed in water!
Camp Doll Diaries Raft  
Step 1- Glue the 2 pieces of 12×10 together (if using craft glue allow to dry)
Step 2- Trim the corners from the 10×5 pieces of cardboard and glue them together
Step 3-  At the short end of the 12×10, place hot glue or craft glue all the way across, about a half an inch wide and glue the trimmed 10×5 piece onto it as shown
Step 4- Reinforce the bottom of the raft where the pieces are joined together with hot glue or craft glue
Step 5- Trim 2 of the paper towel tubes, one to approx. 7 inches, and one to approx. 8 & 1/2 inches
Step 6-  Crumple 2 pieces of recycled paper at a time and stuff all the tubes until they are full and feel firm
Step 7- Glue the tubes on the cardboard as shown, putting the 8 &1/2 inch one in front, the 7 inch one in the back (there are 2 tubes in the back to keep your doll from leaning back.)
Step 8- Begin applying duck tape, first to the tubes, working from the inside of the raft, around the tubes and under the bottom. When you get to the open spaces by the toilet paper tubes, cut the tape in half longways, and wrap around the sides of the tube. Use smaller pieces of duck tape to fill in any openings or spaces. Cover the back tubes together as one tube instead of separate in the same way you covered the other tubes.
Step 9- Apply the duck tape inside the raft crossways as shown.
Now you’re ready to work on your paddle.
If using a wooden spoon, lay your spoon on a piece of craft foam and sketch out the paddle shape under the handle. Repeat and cut out both pieces. Glue them to your spoon. (if using craft glue, allow to dry). Apply duck tape craft foam on the front and sides as shown. I don’t have another wooden spoon, but I do have a small, flat wooden spatula that kind of looks like a paddle. If this is what you’re using, just apply the duck tape directly to the spatula.
And now your doll is all ready for rafting on the lake. Danny is really excited for the raft race against the girls’ camp, and he’s out on the lake practicing!
Fun Facts:
  • Cheryl is a Via-E Alexis doll
  • Her clothes are Etsy purchases
  • Her shoes are from The Doll Mall
  • Danny is a custom Our Generation boy doll
  • His clothes are Etsy Purchases
  • His shoes are Springfield Collection
  • The life vests are modified versions of a “My Froggy Stuff” craft
  • Backdrop is an enlarged sheet of scrapbook paper and blue blanket
Happy Camping!