Are your dolls having fun with this weeks theme, Take a Bow?  Inspired by the theme, our campers are taking a dance class and will put on a little performance at the end of the week.  Rebecca is discussing some of the dance routine with Elisa.  They have both worked hard to teach and work with the girls.  One of the struggles they have had is to figure out what they will have the girls wear for the performance.   They finally came up with a simple costume.

Each girl will wear a leotard they brought to camp.

To bring the look of the group together they will wear the same style of skirt.  This is a simple no-sew skirt and is easy for all the girls to make.  It drapes nicely and has cascading ruffles on one side.

You too will love how easy this skirt is to make!!  Make it for your dolls to perform a dance routine or enjoy as a flouncy summer skirt!!


  • light-weight knit fabric or a thin t-shirt for repurposing
  • dinner size plate
  • chalk
  • Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape
  • elastic headband or a piece of elastic
  • scissors

The magic to this skirt is Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape.  Wow, it really does an amazing job holding fabric to fabric!!  Of course if you prefer to stitch you can adapt this tutorial and sew with a sewing machine instead of using the adhesive.

Let’s get started!

I am using a dinner plate to get the basic circle shape for the skirt.  Use chalk to trace the plate on the fabric.   Cut out the circle.

To find the center of the circle, fold it in half, then a quarter, and then an eighth of  a circle.

Cut the tip off the triangle wedge-not a straight cut but a rounded cut.  Be sure not to cut off too much, it would be better to come back and trim a little more off if needed.

Open up the circle and you will find the center cut out.  This is going to be the waist of the skirt. This hole is not big enough to go over the doll waist.

Since the fabric is a knit, the hole stretches and expands to fit the doll waist.  This is why it is important to start with a hole that is smaller, otherwise when it stretches it will be too large and fall off the doll’s waist.

It’s amazing how well this skirt stays in place just like it is!  If you wanted to stop here this would be the simplest, world’s fastest, no-sew skirt!  For this little skirt I want to add a little bit more…a more durable waistband and a ruffle embellishment.

Before we get to the waistband let’s make the ruffle embellishment!  Cut 3 small circles out of the same fabric as the skirt.  Cut a simple spiral to the center of each circle.

When you pick it up by the center of the swirl, the circle will fall into a lovely cascading ruffle.

Place a piece of Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape at the top of each ruffle.

Peel off the paper backing and place the top of each ruffle one on top of the other.  Set the ruffle aside for just a moment!

Now let’s make a sturdier waistband!  Take the roll of Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape, place the sticky side down and wrap it around the edge of the waist, while the doll is wearing the skirt.  Start and stop the tape in the front. Take care to not place the tape to the very edge of the fabric, so the adhesive does not get on your doll or the doll clothes.

Start peeling off the paper backing of the adhesive on the front of the skirt.

Place the layered ruffles on one side and press them into the adhesive.  Peel off the paper backing on the top ruffle.

Cut the back of the elastic headband so it opens up flat.  I am using a baby headband and it has a small bow on it.  I am centering the bow with the top of the ruffles.  Of course you can use plain elastic for the waistband.

Pull the elastic slightly and press it into the adhesive.

Flip the doll over and continue to the back.  Remove the paper backing on the adhesive, give the elastic a slight pull and pressing it into the adhesive.  Place one side of the elastic to the center back of the skirt and trim off and extra elastic.  Place a piece of Fabric Fusion Tape on the end of the first side.  Remove the paper backing.

Place the second side of the elastic in the adhesive, overlapping it onto the adhesive tab on the center back.  Trim the extra elastic.  Press the elastic into the adhesive all the way around the waistband.

The skirt is finished!  It can easily be slipped on and off.  When it’s laid flat you can see all of the awesome elements of this little skirt.  The ruffles, the elastic waistband and the basic circle shape.  All made without a stitch of thread!

It’s so quick and easy!!

If you can’t get to it right away, here is a pin-able image!  Save it to your Pinterest board to make it later!

Elisa and Rebecca are so happy with how rehearsal went today!  The girls have been working so hard!  What a relief to have the skirts all made for the performance on Friday!  Phew, it was no-sew to the rescue this time!!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

Dance, Play, Create!