Camp Doll Diaries - Make a Kazoo

What’s a camp song without a kazoo? One of our readers, SewBig29, is going to show us how to make a kazoo for the dolls to play in the Talent Show or by the campfire at Camp Doll Diaries this summer.

Kidz ‘n Cats Laura has been practicing her Kazoo skills this week. Here’s how to make one for your dolls.

Make a doll sized Kazoo

Supplies needed to make the Kazoo:

  • 1 straw — 1/4″ diameter x 1-7/8″ long — the orange one
  • 1 straw — 1/2″ diameter x 1/4″ long — the purple one  (ours came with one of those thick Blizzard milkshakes)
  • clear tape
  • scissors

Step 1 – Cut your straws to the lengths listed.   I’m going to use empty toilet paper rolls for demonstration purposes so it’s easier to follow, but use the straws for the actual craft.

Step 2 – You will be attaching two straws together with tape.  To make it easier for the tape to hold the upper tube in place without the tube sliding around, we are going to cut 2 notches in the purple tube.  The notches should be rounded like the curve of the smaller straw.  No need to be very exact, but do try to get the notches on opposite sides of the straw.  

Make a doll sized Kazoo

Step 3 – Attach the purple straw to the orange straw.   I used tape.   I cut a strip of tape about 2″ long, then I cut that strip in two, to make two pieces of tape 2″ long x  3/8″ wide.  I wrapped the tape over the top edge of the purple tube, then placed the purple tube on the orange tube, about 3/8″ from the end of the straw.  I wrapped the tape around the orange straw and then around the top edge of the purple tube on the other side.

Step 4 – The other end of the kazoo should taper in a bit.  To do this, I cut two 1″ lines  from the longer end of the orange straw.  Then I overlapped the edges as much as I could, and then taped those edges together.   You can see the slits in the previous photo on the right hand side of the toilet paper tube.

And there it is.   Don’t forget–hum, not blow, into a kazoo.

SewBig’s Kidz ‘n Cats band are practicing for the Talent Show.

Thanks to SewBig for making today’s craft. Stop back later for more Camp Doll Diaires fun!