Anna here!  I hope you are having fun traveling the world with Camp Doll Diaries this week!  Today Morgan is sharing a Japanese inspired craft.  She has come prepared wearing some traditional Japanese clothing.  She is wearing a Kimono and in her hair is a Kanzashi hair clip.

Morgan is excited to show you how to make one of these Japanese hair clips for your doll!  These decorative hair clips look striking with the clusters of flowers on top and strands of flowers hanging by her face.  It is beautifully worn with the traditional Japanese Kimono.  I’m excited to mix things up a bit and wear this colorful little clip back by a ponytail with the hanging flowers dangling in back.  Maybe pair it with a t-shirt and jeans.  Whether traditional or modern this versatile little hair clip is colorful and fun!

Come along and we’ll make one together!  Let’s take a look at what we’ll need.


  • felt
  • scissors
  • hair clip
  • sequins
  • embroidery floss or thin yarn
  • small assorted artificial flowers
  • glue (not pictured)

We are going to make the base of the hair clip first.  It is what we are going to attach all the fancy decorations to.  To get started, glue the metal hair clip on a piece of felt about 2″ by 1 1/4″.  Glue a smaller piece of felt in between the two sides of the clip.   This will help hold the clip in place when you are clipping it in your dolls hair.

Cut 3 pieces of embroidery floss 4″ long.  Glue 2 sequins to the end of each piece of floss.

Glue the floss on one side of the rectangle hair clip base as pictured below.  Add flowers to the felt base and glue in place.

Take a flower with pedals and cut apart the flower leaving 2 pedals together at a time.  The cut pieces look like little heart shaped petals.

Glue the little heart shaped petals upside down, with the point up, along the embroidery floss.  Ta-da, It’s all finished!


Clip it in your dolls hair next to a high bun or ponytail.  I can already tell this would seriously be cute with something casual and modern!!



Clip it close to her face and let the strands dangle.

It is so fun to find fashion inspiration from all parts of the world!

Just in case you are interested here is a little more about today’s post!

  • Doll– Morgan, AG #25
  • Outfit– Sewn by Anna

 See the world with you dolls one craft at a time!