Today we are mixing up the schedule a bit and posting Karen’s craft for the week today. Why? Because my post for the week involves a super cool giveaway and I thought it would be a great finale to the week! So back to Karen showing you how to make a hair styling cape and doll salon playset!

Make A Hair Styling cape and Doll Salon Playset

Today I wanted to share with you a fun and easy way to create a Doll Hair Styling Cape and Doll Salon Playset for your doll from items you can easily find at the dollar store and from items you may already have at home.

To make today’s craft you will need:

  • Plastic party table cloth
  • Duct tape
  • Peel and Stick Velcro dots
  • 4 Drawer Mini Organizer (5.5X3.5X5 inch I used one I found at Dollarama)
  • Scissors
  • 1 dinner plate
  • 1 marker or pen
  • Doll sized hair elastics, clips, spray bottle and brush
  • Sales Counter (Made from my salad bar craft from August 9th)
  • Paper
  • *Doll chair (From my Milk Carton Chair or Hair Styling Chair)

Make a doll salon playset

Step 1– Unwrap your plastic table cloth and un fold it. If you want you can cut out 4 cape circles at one time, make capes for all your dolls and friends!

Step 2– Place your dinner plate down on your plastic table cloth and use a marker or pen to trace a circle.

Step 3– Cut out your circle using your scissors.

Make a doll salon playset

Step 4– Once your circle is cut out, use a ruler and cut a 5inch straight line, measured from one edge of your circle towards the center.

Step 5– Cut a T shape by making a Β½ inch snip where your first snip ends on either side of the cut.

Step 6– Cut a 6 inch strip of tape from your roll and cut it into three equal strips of tape length wise. You may wish to tear or cut the tape. Do whatever works best for you. Take one cut edge and place the tape along it, leaving some of the sticky edge over hanging so you can fold it under your edge.

Step 7– Fold the sticky side under and repeat step 6 on the other raw edge.

Make a doll salon playset

Step 8– Cut a two inch piece from your duct tape and place it over the t-shape as shown in the photos above, fold over one edge of the tape and press into place.

Step 9– Cut more strips of tape from your roll and cut or tear them into three. Cover the round edge of your cape. I found working with 4 inch strips worked best. Place the tape with half of the tape on the plastic and half over the edge, work the tape around it pressing the sticky edge underneath your cape. Layer your tape edges as you go. Trim away the extra tape at the back of your cape if you have some.

Make a doll salon playset

Step 10– Once you have covered the entire cape you will need to add your peel and stick Velcro dots so your cape will stay on your dolls. Add the dot at the bottom corner of one edge of the slit, on the underside of the matching edge place the other.

Make a doll salon playset

Step 11– Make a bow for the front of the cape. Tear away 3 inches of tape from your roll, fold the outside edges in as shown in the photo above and then fold one edge to the middle and then the remaining edge over that. This is the main part of your bow.

Step 12– Tear a 2 inch piece from your roll and tear it in half length wise. Place it in the middle of your main bow piece and fold the tape edges behind your bow.

Step 13- Fold the remaining piece of tape into a tape loop and place on the back.

Make a doll salon playset

Step 14– Put the Cape on your doll and press your bow onto the front piece of tape where the T cut was, as shown in the photo above. Your Cape is now finished!

Make a doll salon playset

I thought it would be fun to make the mini organizer match the cape.

To make the mini organizer shown in the photos above:

Cover the lid of your organizer with matching duct tape to your cape. Be careful not to use so much tape that the drawers do not open! Trim away the excess tape and fill your drawers with your dolls hair elastics and clips.

To make a Hair Salon Sign:

Cut a piece of paper to the size you would like your sign to be mine is 3 inches by 5. Write the name of your hair salon in the middle when you are happy with your name, use more of the duct tape around the edge of your paper to create a frame. Repeat the steps 11-13 from the cape to create another bow for your sign if you would like. Use a scotch tape look to attach your sign to your Doll Room or Front Counter of your Doll Salon. *DO NOT USE DUCT TAPE AS it may remove paint from your wall or wreck the finish of your doll table or furniture.

Also shown in my photos today are my American Girl Doll Ivy, my American Girl Salon Chair, the Salad Bar I made in my August 9th Doll Diaries Post and my American Doll Room.

I hope you have fun creating your own Doll Salon Play Set!