I have always loved fish and truly believe they are one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful and artistic creations! Diana sent me her instructions for making a fish tank for the dolls to share with you. I think a fish tank is the perfect Art Studio accessory as they can provide so much inspiration and calm.

Doll sized fish tank craft

Supplies you will need to make your fish tank – (dollar store or you may have on hand)

  • Bug kit – Dollar Store
  • beads – Dollar store or Tuesday Morning (already had these)
  • green foam (two different shades of green)
  •  scissors
  • sea shells
  • two fish figures from Dollar store – Dollar Store
  • background printout (download as PDF file)

Print the fish background PDF file which contains the background for the fish tank and the label for the fish food.  

Then use the label that comes in the bug kit as the template for cutting out the background.  

Place the template anywhere on the printed background sheet that you most like. You can then trace the template and cut.  

Insert the background into the bug kit, place it inside the side that is not curved.  I did not glue it because it will stay in place and you can later change the background, if you like.

Place the fish into the fish tank, add the beads around the fish and if you have tiny sea shells add those too.  Place top on the fish tank. Fish tank is finished.

make a doll fish tank

Cut two very skinny strips of each of the green color foam. Then cut both into tiny little pieces for the fish food and put into the little storage container, also found at the Dollar Store.  Cut the label and glue it to the storage bottle for the Fish Food. Fish Food is finished.

make a doll fish tank

Here is a close up look at the finished craft.

make a doll fish tank

Penelope is showing her friend Julie how she feeds the fish.  Just a pinch of food.

If you don’t have these supplies on hand, or you want to make a version of the fish tank that is smaller (for La Dee Da dolls and similar), use my fish tank activity from last summer’s 100 Days of Doll Play.

Thanks Diana – I love your version of the fish tank – especially with Nemo and Dorie swimming around.