Camp Doll Diaries- Make a Doll Sized Music Stand

Anna here!  Do you play a musical instrument?  Do you sing?  This doll sized music stand can hold your dolls music for any performance!  

Before we get to all the details and the how-to’s, I have a little story from camp. 

There is a talent show at the amphitheater this morning.  The campers are sitting on benches facing the camp stage.  They are waiting for the next performer to come out.  

Morgan pushes past the butterflies in her stomach, takes a deep breath and walks out on stage.  

 She sets her music on the stand.  All week she has been bouncing back and forth about this moment, from excited to nervous.  She has been playing just this year.  She really loves the clarinet and wants to share it with her friends and fellow campers.

 Holding the clarinet firmly, she looks out at the audience.  She sees familiar smiling faces and it boosts her confidence.

“Before I play I want to tell you a little about my instrument, the clarinet.  It is in the woodwind family of instruments along with flutes and saxophones.  Here at the top of the instrument is the mouthpiece.  It has a wooden reed that vibrates as I blow on the mouthpiece.  The instrument is made of African Blackwood all the way from Africa!  The name Clarinet comes from a word that means “little trumpet”.  I think that is so funny because it doesn’t sound at all like a trumpet to me!  Listen while I play, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik  written by Mozart and arranged for the clarinet.”

Morgan smiles at the audience and turns toward her music.  She has a fleeting thought.  “This isn’t so bad!”    Her butterflies have been replaced with a bubbling excitement!   

Now for all those detail of how to make your doll a music stand!

Let’s take a look at what we’ll need.


  • glue- I recommend craft glue or hot glue
  • paint brush
  • black craft paint
  • mini craft sticks or  craft sticks cut to 2 1/2″
  • small piece of cardboard
  • regular size craft sticks
Let’s get started!  
I made my stand tall enough for a doll to stand and sing or play an instrument.  If you want your stand to be the right height for a doll to sit in a chair for her performance adjust the total length of the craft sticks in this first step.
Glue 3 craft sticks in a line.

Using this strip of craft sticks we are going to add supports to make a base for the stand.  We will use mini craft sticks or you can cut craft sticks to 2 1/2″.  

Follow the photo below and start with 2 side supports.  

Next add a support to the front.  

The last is the back support.  Be sure the stick in the middle is straight as you add each support so the base will stand steady.

Now for the tray on the music stand.  

Lay out 2 craft sticks side by side.  Take a third  craft stick and stack it on top.  Glue it in place.  

Flip it over so the two craft sticks are on top.  

Glue a craft stick along one side of the 2 sticks.  It needs to stand perpendicular to them.

There is a side view to show the position of the last craft stick.

 Now let’s keep adding to the tray  so it can hold music.  Turn the tray so the perpendicular piece is facing you.  Use mini craft sticks or craft sticks cut to 2 1/2″.  Follow the pictures below.

 Glue a stick in the center.

Add 2 sticks, each at an angle coming out from the middle stick.

Add the last 2 sticks from the center stick to the bottom of the tray.  

Let’s attach the music tray to the stand.  We will attach it with cardboard at an angle to make our music stand realistic.

  1. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard the width of the craft sticks and about 1 3/4″ and 3/4″ long.
  2. Glue the longer one on the back of the music tray.
  3. Put a little glue on the underside of the tray.  
  4. Glue the second cardboard strip(the shorter one) to the underside of the tray.
  5. Each strip is half attached.  We are going to attach the other half to the stand.  Starting with the strip of cardboard attached to the back of the music tray, glue it to the top of the stand.  
  6. The attached cardboard is flexible.  Decide the angle you want the music tray.  Glue the second strip of cardboard, attached to the underside of the tray, to the stand.  Take care that once this second cardboard is glued in place, the angle of the tray will be set.

Here is a side view of the angle of the music tray on the music stand.

Using craft paint, paint it black.


Resize some of your favorite music and your doll is ready for practice or a performance!  

 Just in case you are interested here are a few more details from today’s post!

  • Doll- Moran is a My AG #25
  • Outfit- Springfield Collection Party Outfit
  • Scene- Music was resized from here.  The clarinet is an ornament just like this one.  Stage tutorial is here.

Craft for your dolls and don’t forget to have fun!


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  1. Kathryn says:

    That’s cute but I have the music stand from AG.

  2. Cool

  3. I have to make this! I have always wanted to make a music stand, but I didn’t know how.

  4. does anyone have any ideas on how to make instruments? Cause I don’t have any.

  5. Cute mia Will be playing an instrument!

  6. This is adorable!

  7. Does anybody have any ideas which ag doll I should get? I can’t decide! Meg: I have no idea how to make any instruments, so if you find out, please let me know!

  8. Meg if you look online sometimes you can print out things from the computer like a guatiar or mandolin and then paste it on cardboard.
    Hope it helps

  9. Meg: go to the top of the page. Go under doll crafts and fun, and click on 100+ days of doll play. On day 47, it shows you how to make a keyboard for your dolls. Hope this helps!

  10. Molly W. says:

    I will definitely make this. Although I have the flute set from American Girl (which includes a music stand), I have constantly struggled with make it stand up to it’s full height! Also, now, one of my girls can be singing, one can be playing the flute, and once and be playing the piano. Thank you so much, Anna!

  11. Any ideas on which AG doll I should get?

  12. I play clarinet, and funny, I just made my dolls one yesterday!

  13. Ag fan I had this problem when I went to the at store in Chicago in September (I think) ….I ended up getting Molly (who i really like) and not two weeks later AG came out with Caroline : ( lol but there are soooo many to choose from its hard only to buy one…..but I think Saige and Rebecca are pretty.
    Hope you love the doll you choose
    Meg I typed in HOW to make instruments for dolls and a lot came up you should give it a try : )

  14. Thanks for the advice Sara. I am actuly thinking about Molly……

  15. Um Char……do you know anything about effanbee my grandmother told me I could choose one doll from her collection and the one I chose was made by effanbee and I think the name is candy Kid she comes in a pink bonnet and dress…..but I couldn’t find much about the doll or company
    Please help!!!!!!

  16. Sure and if you do choose her I would recommend getting her blue dress with white pokadots it’s adorable on her!!!!!!!

  17. Anna – the music stand looks great! and thanks for the cute story and photos. Love that outfit! : )

  18. Sara – Effanbee is a very old doll company. Just Google it – there is a lot of information about the history of their dolls online. Also if you look up the Effanbee dolls on Ebay you will find a lot.

  19. Molly W. says:

    ag fan~Naturally I recommend Molly since that’s my name, but I also think she’s a really cute doll that’s easy to take care of. I don’t have her, but my grandma does, and I’ve played with her many times. :)

  20. Yeah, I will probably get her, but there are so many to choose from!!

  21. Oh, and thanks for your help, everyone!

  22. Very nice Ana! Love this idea!

  23. That’s so cool! We already have two doll music stands, which will hopefully be enough, but just in case, we should probably make more!

  24. lanielover says:

    I play the clarinet!!!

  25. does anybody know how to make doll clothes hangers?

  26. Cute!

  27. Thx char I’ll see what I could find!

  28. Ag fan you could use wire or cardboard I would try YouTube

  29. Thanks, but I just found some of my hangers I used when I was around 2. A little big, but they work pretty well.

  30. emmalee says:

    Meg, you could make your doll sing instead of playing an instrument.


  31. Yah baby hangers do work great…I forgot about that and actually that’s what mine are on lol : )

  32. wow!

  33. This will be fun to make!

  34. Awesome!

  35. Abigail says:

    I sing & play the piano.
    That music stand is adorable!! I have to make it!!

  36. Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooo much everyone for all your help I really liked all your creative ideas! I will try them.


  37. sabrina says:

    tots makin!

  38. cordelia says:

    I really like your photostory, Anna, and am so glad that Morgan conquered her nervousness. Love her outfit!

  39. Where did you get the clarinet?

  40. Oh my heck that’s so cute! I have too make it and I already have a small clarinet that I got at a party. It is supposed to be for humans but it’s just doll sized and actually plays!

  41. Victoria says:

    This is adorable! I started playing the clairnet this year in my school band so I have been searching for one for my doll!