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Camp Doll Diaries Canadian Souvenir Blanket

Happy Canada Day!! Today I wanted to share with you an iconic Canadian classic, the Hudson’s Bay Blanket. The Hudson’s Bay Blanket was one item that Europeans brought to trade with Canada’s First Nations or indigenous people when they began coming to what is now known as Canada. The blankets were made of wool and were important because they were traded for beaver pelts, buffalo, moccasins and other important items needed by the traders who came to Canada. These blankets are still made and sold today and were introduced by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1780. The wool blankets were made into coats to protect against our harsh winters by both Canada’s First Nations People and Europeans alike.

Today we will show you how to create a doll sized blanket out of felt with a fringe that your dolls can use as a picnic blanket or as a throw blanket.

To create your own blanket you will need:

  • Felt in the colors of Tan or Cream, Green, Red, Yellow and Blue
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun (or you can sew your blanket)
  • A ruler
  • Your Doll

Camp Doll Diaries Canadian Souvenir Blanket

Step 1- Assemble your supplies. Make sure you have everything you need before you start.

Step 2– Begin by cutting two ½ strips of your green, red, yellow and blue felt. Cut them along the short edge of your felt as shown in the photos above.

Step 3– Lay out your felt stripes on your tan or cream felt as shown in the photo above bottom right. You want to alternate the colors starting on each end with blue, then yellow then red followed by green.

Step 4– Once in place you will want to run a line of glue along the felt and press the strips in place. If you prefer you can pin and sew your stripes in place.

Camp Doll Diaries Canadian Souvenir Blanket

Step 3 – Once your stripes are dry you will need to trim them so nothing hangs over your blankets edge.

Step 4 – Use your scissors to create a fringe along the edge of your blanket’s short ends.

Camp Doll Diaries Canadian Souvenir Blanket

Now your blanket is ready for your next Doll Picnic and you have your very own Canadian Souvenir! 

Today I used my Maplelea Friend Doll,  I call Stacy.

You can also make a Canadian flag and do a Canada word puzzle if you check out our Canada Day celebration post from last summer.