After the Science Fair some of the campers wanted to head out for one last hike of the week. Eliza and Ivy gathered their supplies and decided where they want to go.  Instead of taking a water bottle, Eliza is trying a CamelBak style backpack.

Ivy shows Eliza how to use the backpack.

First they fill up the water reservoir and slip it into a special pocket.

Next Ivy shows her how to thread the water tube through the loop on the front strap.

Eliza drinks the fresh water from the mouthpiece.

“Wow, it’s so easy to get a drink!”  says Eliza

Ivy asks Eliza if she has anything she wants to slip into the outside pocket.

“Only my cabin keys” replays Eliza

Ivy pokes them into the pocket.

“Thanks Ivy for showing me how to use my new CamelBak!” says Eliza

“That’s what friends are for!!” replays Ivy


Would you like to make your dolls this CamelBak style of backpack?  It is made easy with Duck Tape!



  • blue Duck Tape
  • 1 regular size roll of Duck Tape (any color)
  • 1 mini size roll of Duck Tape (in a contrasting color)
  • cotton ball
  • scissors
  • ruler

First I have to share a quick trick!  Recently I was crafting with girls in my neighborhood and Brittany showed me this cool trick to cut Duck Tape!  Pull the tape out the length you want to cut it and fold it back on itself on the roll.  Insert your scissors into the fold and cut across the tape.  It’s so easy to cut a straight line and the scissors don’t stick to the tape!  Maybe you already knew this trick but it was new to me and I thought it was awesome enough to share!

Now as we go through the steps to make this little CamelBak out of Duck Tape I will give approximate measurements.  Of course use your own eye and judgement to adjust it as you go if needed!
Let’s get started!

Cut two pieces of Duck Tape 3 1/2″ long.  Overlap the two piece so the total width is about 2 1/2″.  Repeat and make a second section the same way.

Pull the tape out to about 3 1/4″ and place it in the center of the double tape section with a 1/4″ border around three of the sides.    Cut the tape off the roll.  Complete with the second tape section.

Lay the two sections next to each other and cut one side 1/2″ shorter than the first.

Using the small Duck Tape on the shorter section, place Duck Tape across the top of the non-adhesive side overlapping the edge by 3/8″.  Trim the edges across the top the width of the adhesive.  There will be a notch on either side like the top photo.

Fold the rest of the tape to the other side.  The shorter piece is the front and the longer piece is the back.

With adhesive sides together join the two sides.

Trim the top sides at an angle where you can see tape.  Lay the first trimmed section on the other side to make them evenly trimmed on both sides.

Trim the bottom two corners the same way, taking care to not cut all the way through the adhesive band.  That completes the base of the backpack.

Now let’s make the front pocket!  Cut three sections of the mini Duck Tape to  2 3/4″ long.  Overlap the three segments to make one piece about 2″ wide.  Cut 2 more pieces of Duck Tape 2″ long.  Overlap the pieces together and center them, leaving an adhesive border.  Leave a 1/4″ adhesive strip border on the sides and 1/2″ on the bottom.  Trim the top corners and place it on the front of the backpack.  Cut slits in the tape at the corners and fold the 1/2″ adhesive flap to the back.

We need a couple of straps.  Cut 2 strips of mini Duck Tape 8 1/2″ long.  Fold the tape onto itself in thirds.

Using a small piece of tape, tape both ends of the strap to the back of the pack.    Try it on your doll and adjust if necessary.

Place a piece of tape at an angle on the sides of the front of the pack.  Cut slits on either side of the strap and on the rounded edges and fold the sections to the back.  This strip helps hold on the straps and adds a sporty feel to the pack.

Cover the back with tape.

Let’s make the water pack!

To make the water pack cut two rectangles 2 1/4″ long.  We are using a cotton ball to make it look like the reservoir has water in it. Separate off a section of the cotton ball and lay it in the center of one of the pieces of tape.

To make the water tube, cut a strip of tape 9 1/2″x 3/8″.  Fold it in thirds.  Place one end of the folded strip onto the adhesive of the shorter side of the rectangle.  Stick the two pieces of tape together with the adhesive sides facing each other.  Trim the sides until the overall width is 1 1/2″.  Round the corners.  Add a small strip of tape and fold it at an angle to make the mouthpiece at the end of the tube.

Make a little loop for the water hose to go through by folding a small strip into thirds and taping the ends to the back of the strap.  Place the water pack in the main pocket.

Now to put on this little backpack!  I used a little glue dot to attach the water tube to Eliza’s mouth for a drink!

Eliza is loving her new backpack!   Now it’s time to hike!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Dolls-Eliza is a Madame Alexader Doll.  Ivy is an AG Historical Character
  • Outfits-Eliza is wearing a red AG shirt and Jeggings.  Ivy’s sweatshirt is available on Doll Diaries Etsy Shop.
  • Scene-Lamp is a book light from the dollar store.  Bulletin board tutorial is here.  Pinwheels are from JoAnn‘s.  Globe and bench are thrift store finds.  Rocks on display are from our rock collection.

 My summer motto: Craft, Hike, Play with Dolls!