Welcome to Week 3 of Camp Doll Diaries! Our theme this week is Mini Mini World and we are going to be making all sorts of fun things for our mini dolls this week. Use what ever mini dolls you have – and if you really like an activity, feel free to adapt it to fit any size dolls or stuffed animals. Remember, Camp Doll Diaries is all about being CREATIVE!

Karen here and I am thrilled to share with you the Mini Doll house I made that you can with you to play at your friends, outside or just in your room!

To create your own 4 room mini doll house you will need:

* Your mini dolls and any accessories and furniture you would like

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies

Step 2- Find the inside lip of your box where the box is being held together and use your finger or your scissor edge to loosen it from the box. Unfold the box as shown in the photos above and remove the top flaps and bottom flaps. Then Cut the remaining parts of the box in half so you have two equal sides. The boxes pieces are going to be cut so that they slide easily into each other and make an “X” shape.


Step 3- Use your ruler to measure your piece of cardboard in the center and make a mark two inches from the bottom of the center of  each piece. Use your scissors to make a cut to this line and repeat on the second piece.

Step 4- Now you will be able to slide the two pieces together to make the X shown in the photo above.

Step 5- Now it is time to decorate the rooms! Use your ruler to measure each room and then decide on how you want to decorate each wall.

Use your Aleene’s glue to hang your “Wall Paper” I used coordinating paper to make it look like some of my walls had Wainscoting, some walls I did in one color. It is fun to do and decorate! Use what you have from your doll play collection to make each room unique! This fun playset you can take apart or fold down to store and play with again and again!

We want to see your recital photos! SHARE what you create. Email camp photos ONLY to team@dolldiaries.com (note, that is different from our normal address), post your photos on our Facebook wall, pin your photos and use #campdolldiaries on Pinterest, share photos on Instagram using #campdolldiaries, too.

Stop back later today for some printable extras for your mini doll’s space and another fun giveaway!