Camp Doll Diaries – Let’s Go Fishing

Counselor McKenna has been looking forward to this afternoon – she finally gets to take out The Queen Bee and teach our campers how to fish!! But first, we need to make some fish and some fishing rods!

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing

The girls took The Queen’s Treasures Skiff out on the pond for a fishing lesson. As you can see, they both fit comfortably in the skiff and it looks like they both caught some fish.

This project was a dual effort! Natalie is the Sculpey Queen of this house – she can make so many detailed and creative items so she offered to make the fish and show you how to make some yourself. I figured out how to make the fishing rods, so I will share that part.

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing with Sculpey

For the fish, you will need:

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing with Sculpey

Step 1 – Using your Super Slicer or plastic knife, slice off a 1/4″ or so block from your base color clay.

Step 2 – Shape in to a fish.

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing with Sculpey

Step 3 – Using the Super Slicer, slice a thin piece of clay in a contrasting color to make stripes for you fish. You can make the stripes wavy, different colors, whatever! Use your imagination!

Step 4 – Place stripes/embellishments on fish.

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing with Sculpey

Step 5 – Roll a little ball of white glow in the dark clay and place it on your fish for his eye. Then roll an even smaller ball of the black clay to go in the center of your fish eye.

Step 6 – Make a hole in the fish’s mouth so you can “hook” him later with your fishing pole.

Step 7 – With adult supervision, bake your clay fish using the temperature and time listed on the clay package.

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing with Sculpey

Make as many fish as you would like! Try out different shapes, different colors and different decorations, too!

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing with Sculpey

Now to make the fishing rods! You will need:

  • A set of wooden chopsticks (or a dowel rod or a pencil will do in a pinch!)
  • 3 buttons per fishing rod – 2 of equal size and one smaller
  • 4 pony beads
  • Coats and Clark embroidery floss (I used green so you could see it in photos but you could use clear fishing line, too)
  • A paper clip
  • Hot glue gun

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing Make doll fishing rod

Step 1 – Separate the chopsticks so you have two.

Step 2 – Make a button sandwich with the smallest button in the center. Use your hot glue gun (with adult supervision please) to glue the buttons together and then onto the flat part of the chopstick.

Step 3 – Glue four pony beads on their sides to the chopstick.

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing Make doll fishing rod

Step 4 – Cut a piece of embroidery thread about twice the length of your fishing rod. Tie one end around the button and then thread the remainder through the pony beads.

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing Make doll fishing rod

Step 5 – Cut a paper clip in half and form it into a hook. Tie the hook on to the end of the embroidery floss and stick the other end through the fish’s mouth.

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing Make doll fishing rod

Once the fishing poles and fish were made, McKenna and Kaya headed out to the pond. (Yes, our fine pond is made from a large piece of Kunin Felt!) McKenna encourged Kaya to give it a try and wouldn’t you know, Kaya caught a really pretty pink fish!

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing Make doll fishing rod

I love that The Queen’s Treasures used rope to attach the oars to the boat – they stay attached but have great movement!

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing Make doll fishing rod

Just as Kaya reeled in her fish it looks like McKenna caught the green one!  McKenna is teaching Kaya how to identify the different fish in the Camp Doll Diaries pond. She explains to Kaya that they don’t make great pets and are not big enough to eat so they will be releasing their fish back into the pond.

Camp Doll Diaries Let's Go Fishing Make doll fishing rod

I just LOVE the back of the Skiff – The Queen Bee is such a perfect name for the camp boat.

In this post:

Thank you to Sculpey and The Queen’s Treasures for making today’s fabulous outdoor fun possible! And stop back later on for a few cute outtakes from my photoshoot… of course it includes our cats! 😉

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  1. Love the fishing pole idea! Have to make it. :)

  2. Nina says:

    Aww! That’s so cute!

  3. Shelby-Grace says:

    That looks great! Those Sculpey fish are soooo adorable! I love it :)

  4. By the way, for the fish, a helpful idea to save clay is to put aluminum foil in the middle of the fish. :)

  5. Michele says:

    The fish are so cute, love the idea of glow in the dark clay. And that fishing pole is just too clever! Love it!

  6. Jen says:

    Cute. How creative and fun!

  7. Lori says:

    Super cute!! For an added bonus, you could put a paper clip inside the fish’s mouth, then attach a small magnet to the end of the poles. The fish will “jump” onto the fishing hooks!

  8. Char says:

    I LOVE that idea Lori!!

  9. Xyra says:

    Very cute!

  10. Izzy says:

    Love it! Do you think maybe you could do some information doll-sized worksheets to go with whatever activity they are doing that day, kind of camp worksheets I guess, but fun related!

  11. Super Cute!

  12. Kristen L. says:

    So cute!!

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  14. Miranda says:

    Ugg, I was going to send in my version of my fishing pole, that I made just two days ago. Should I still send it in? Or should I not? Otherwise this is ADOLLable! great craft!


  15. Liberty says:

    LOVE the fishing pole idea!!!

  16. Julia F says:

    Great craft! Can I send in a craft for a fishing boat?

  17. Char says:

    Hi Izzy – we will have some printables each week!

  18. Sharry says:

    I had a feeling fishing poles were coming! Super project! Wouldn’t my raft go great w/ this, (if you didn’t already have a boat)?

  19. Cordelia says:

    Great ideas—just love those Sculpey fish, Natalie. And, yes, Sharry, I think that your raft would be perfect for this.

  20. Rebekah says:

    Hi! That’s so cute! I also love the boat!

  21. Char says:

    Hi Sharry – that is exactly why your raft craft was before the fishing post 😉

  22. Rachel E. says:

    That is BEYOND adorable! I love it!

  23. Anna the bookworm says:

    Love it!! By the way, they could also go fishing in the raft.

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    Wow ~ the fish and fishing pole are so cool! Great job! : )