This is another great idea from our guest counselor Sharry of Julie Newmans 70s Time Capsule.
Camp Doll Diaries GORP
Julie, Cheryl and Sunny are getting ready to go hiking in the woods to do some wildlife observation for science week. Before they go, they want to make some “Gorp” to take along.  Gorp is a kind a trail mix made with dried fruit, chocolate chips or M&Ms, nuts and non-flaked cereal. And the good news is, there’s no wrong way to make it! You can add whatever kind of nuts and fruits you want, whatever kind of cereal you want, and as much or as little of the ingredients as you like. While it’s true you can buy trail mix in the store, I think it’s more fun to make your own. Here are some of the things I used, but you may come up w/ your own yummy ingredients:
  • peanut butter Cheerios
  • chocolate chip granola
  • honey roasted Peanuts
  • cocoa dusted almonds
  • dried banana chips
  • sweetened dried cranberries
  • yogurt covered raisins
  • M&Ms
  • a bowl
  • small doll sized Ziploc bags or doll sized containers
Combine all your ingredients in a bowl and put the “Gorp” into the Ziploc bags or containers. Then, hit the ole hiking trail! My dolls love it, and I bet yours will too!
Happy Camping!
Fun Facts:
  • Dolls used: Julie (Springfield Collection Maria), Sunny (AG Julie) and Cheryl (Via-E Alexis)
  • Backgrounds: Enlarged scrapbook paper
  • Table is a box covered w/ scrapbook paper and clear packing tape
  • Canteens are a previous Camp Doll Diaries craft
  • Camp Echo Hill t-shirt graphics by Sharry