After checking in at Camp Doll Diaries, making her name badge, and being a little grumpy to her roommate, Carly was ready for the afternoon activity – a Nature Walk to get familiar with some of the plants, trees and animals on the camp. That would certainly put her in a good mood!

The first thing Carly encountered when she headed down the path outside her cabin was on of the camp cats – Charlie. She had heard that these gentle but gigantic kitties roam freely at camp and was eager to meet one.  Are there any camp pets at your Camp Doll Diaries location?

Of course, you can’t visit our Camp Doll Diaries location without checking out the Fairy Door on the base of the tree in the island.

Carly couldn’t help but run her fingers through the puddle created by the afternoon rain.

Camp Leader April asked the girls to collect a few leaves and other little things they found on the walk. Carly liked this leaf and brought it back to the craft table for an activity.

Back at the craft table the girls were making leaf rubbings of some of the leaves they collected on their nature walk. Have you ever made one? 

Carly stopped to relax and enjoy the cool breeze on the rocks.

Relaxed and feeling more comfortable with her surroundings, Carly is ready for dinner, the ice cream social (that is a link to last year’s 100 Days of Doll Play ice cream party – you and your dolls can enjoy it anytime) and hanging out with Consuelo this evening.

Our friend Maxine’s daughter did a photo story of her dolls taking a nature walk too – it’s very cute – you can see it here.

See you tomorrow at Anna’s craft station. I wonder what we are making?