Camp Doll Diaries Glam Camping Set

This week I thought I would share with you an easy way to make your own DIY Glam Camping Set using items you may already have or can pick up at your local dollar and craft store. This entire set was made from items I picked up at my dollar store for under $6.  Today we will decorate a repurposed Pet-“Doll” Tent, create a back pack, head band with light and walking stick for your dolls.

To create today’s crafts you will need:

  • A Pet Tent (I got mine for $2 at Dollarama in Canada)
  • 12 inch stick from outside or a chopstick
  • Gem Sticker
  • Colorful Duct tape
  • Buttons
  • Glue dots or Glue Gun
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Peel and Stick Velcro Dots
  • Your Doll

Camp Doll Diaries Glam Camping Set


Step 1– Take your Pet tent out of its package and set it up.

Step 2– Use a line of gem stickers to line the bottom and the sides of your tent. My tent has a roll up Velcro door so be sure to not cover the Velcro.

Step 3– Add a Camp Doll Diaries Logo to your tent, you can embellish the Sun’s eyes with gem stickers as well.

Camp Doll Diaries Glam Camping Set

Step 4– You can layer buttons and add gem stickers to them as well to decorate your tent, use glue dots to secure them or hot glue.

Camp Doll Diaries Glam Camping Set

Headband and light

Step 1– Cut off a strip of 14 inches of duct tape from your roll place it sticky side up on your work surface

Step 2– Fold one edge of the tape towards the middle and then the other edge on top as shown in the photo above. This is your head band.

Step 3- Measure your headband piece around your dolls head and take note of where it fits comfortably on her head around her hair. Attach one side of the sticky backed Velcro  and then on the opposite side of the tape place the other Velcro piece. Trim away any extra from the edges of your head band.

Step 4- Locate the center of your head band and this is where you will place the “Light”

For the light you will need two buttons in various colors. Use a glue dot or glue gun to stick the larger button on the head band. Next more glue and then the next button. Use a yellow gem sticker as the “Light” and glue that over the buttons as shown in the photos above.

Camp Doll Diaries Glam Camping Set

For the back pack

Step 1– You will need a piece of paper cut to  7 ½ inches by 3 inches this will be the template for your back pack as well as what you stick your tape too.

Step 2– Make a mark at 3 inches with your pen, Then Fold your paper along that mark

Step 3– Measure a mark at 3 inches from your fold line, mark and fold again

Step 4– Measure and mark at 1 ½ inches from your last fold line, this will be the top of the back pack or the flap

Step 5– Begin to cover your paper with the duct tape. I used Three long strips to cover my paper. You will have some overhang which you can trim as you go.

Camp Doll Diaries

Step 6– Use a stick back Velcro dot on the inside of the flap in the center of your flap. Place the fuzzy part and the rough part of your Velcro dots together so that when you close the flap your dots will be perfectly lined up, as shown in the photo above.

Step 7– Cut two 8 inch strips from your duct tape roll and like you did for the head band, fold one edge into the center and then the remaining tape over the fold. These will be your back pack straps. 

Step 8– on the opposite side of the flap tape the straps into place. I formed a “C” shape with the straps and taped them into place on each side.

Camp Doll Diaries

Step 9– Decorate your back pack, I used the gem stickers, and layered two buttons then placed a gem sticker on top of the buttons for decoration. Try your back pack on your doll.

Camp Doll Diaries

For the Glam Walking Stick

Step 1– Cut a small amount of duct tape from your roll and wrap it around the top of the walking stick or chop stick.

Step 2– Cut another piece of duct tape at 6 inches. Fold one edge into the center of your duct tape and then the other edge over as you did for the straps and the head band in today’s other crafts. Create a small circle with your tape.

Step 3– Tape that circle into place, this will help your doll hold her Glam Walking stick

Step 4– Use your Glam Stickers to line your walking stick as shown in the large photo above. Now your Waling Stick is “Glammed Up for Camping!”

Camp Doll Diaries

I hope you enjoyed today’s post I look forward to sharing more doll crafts with you next week!