Are your dolls ready for their Talent Show tomorrow or are they still scurrying around working on their costumes? Here are a few quick costume ideas and links to how-to’s that might come in handy.

One of our readers, Janet, just sent this quick and easy hula idea to me:

This hula skirt can make a great gift for a little girl who has an 18 inch doll. Not only that, buy two and make one for the girl to match! The hula skirt is packaged as a girls play costume and can be found this time of year at the dollar store.  

Leave the raffia grass skirt in the bag, measure it up to the doll waist and select the length. Make sure you have the waist even and cut the grass measuring from the rope it is on while it is still in the bag. That way you will not have a big mess on the table & floor!

Now slide the looped raffia grass to one end of the rope. Make sure you leave a rope end long enough to tie a bow. Cut the rope to the length you want.  Tie a knot at the end of the rope so the rope does not ravel.

For younger kids, that do not tie bows well, I attach a small foam pony bead ( Available also at Dollar Tree or craft stores) to the ends and slide both ropes through so to tighten the waist you just slide the pony bead up. ( Depending on how thick the raffia is, you may have to rethread all of the grass on a thinner cord) I was able to do it with no problem using a long wide eyed needle. Don’t forget to tie a knot at each end so that bead does not slide off.

Your skirt is now finished! It only takes about 5-10 minutes to make this fun summer time outfit.

Glasses by Springfield. The headband is just one from Dollar Tree. You can cut & fit it to your doll leaving enough to seam. Just sew the ends and you are done.

The flower Lei’s are available for young girls & adults at the Dollar Tree Store. But to get a Lei for the doll you need to go over to the flower aisle and choose a small flower you like and string them with a needle & thread. ( you can add a few of those pony beads you bought to it too. Or go to the plant aisle and buy a bag of the small tiny sea shells and thread then. All available at Dollar Tree. ALOHA!!!”

Here is the dollar store infant swimsuit before before cutting and after ready for doll.

Now you can also make:

Stop back in tomorrow morning for more Camp Doll Diaries fun!