Camp Doll Diaries Homework Helper

This is one of my most favorite weekends of the year. For us back to school is always the first Tuesday after Labor Day. In celebration of back to school I thought it would be fun to make a doll sized Home Work Helper Screen. “Home Work Helper” Screens help my kids to sit at the same table and not be distracted by each other while working on their projects and school work.

To create your own doll sized Home Work Helper you will need:

  • A piece of cardboard box cut 8 inches high by 20 inches wide. I used cardboard I had left over from my first Camp Doll Diaries Post on May 31st 
  • *Paint (if yours is not colored you may wish to paint the cardboard or leave it blank)
  • Fun foam
  • Stickers
  • Buttons
  • Gem Stickers
  • Images from Google or cut out of magazines or the American Girl Catalog
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Scrap Paper
  • Ruler
  • Small lid from a travel sized spray bottle or small container from the dollar store to hold the pencils
  • A peel and stick Velcro Dot
  • Tooth picks
  • Felt pens in yellow, black and pink

Camp Doll Diaries Homework Helper

Step 1– Cut out a piece of cardboard to 8 inches high by 20 inches wide.

Step 2– If yours is not colored and you wish to paint it give it a coat of paint and let it dry.

Step 3- When dry turn it over to the back side and measure 5 inches in from each side and make a mark with your ruler at the top and bottom, use a ruler and draw a line. This will be your fold line. To make folding the cardboard easier you may wish to hold the ruler against the line you drew. Fold both sides as shown in the photos above.

Camp Doll Diaries Homework Helper

Step 4– Add a “cork” or memo board to your Home Work helper to make mine look like cork I used a tan piece of fun foam that I cut to 5 inches by 7 inches.

Step 5– About one inch from the top of your cardboard glue your fun foam into place.

Step 6– Use stickers to dress up your fun foam. I used foam flower stickers from the dollar store. I arranged them without removing the backs from the stickers first. Once I got a pattern I liked then I removed the back and pressed them into place.

Step 7– Next embellish your stickers. I then chose a rainbow of colorful buttons and glued them over the center of my fun foam stickers.

Step 8– Add more glue and a gem sticker in the center of the buttons for a sparkle finish!

Camp Doll Diaries Homework Helper

Step 9– Find images you would like to add to your “cork” board. I cut out items from my catalog and created a small to do list and a math test! To create doll sized paper simply cut a small piece of paper and add thin lines like you would find in your own note books (or print out Char’s doll school paper from earlier this week). Write small and neat!

Step 10- Use more stickers to create the look of “push pins” and add a gem sticker in the center to match the border. Put them in one corner of your paper and glue to your fun foam. This makes it look like you have used real push pins on your cork board.

Camp Doll Diaries Homework Helper

Step 11– Make a place for your dolls pencils. I used a small container from the dollar store but you can use the lid from a travel spray bottle or something similar you find around the house. Add a small sticker and embellish as in the photos above.

Step 12-Take one Velcro dot from the package and place it on the opposite side of your container from the flower. Place the other side of the Velcro dot on top of it with the sticky side out and then press the container onto your Home Work Helper near the bottom. Now your doll has somewhere to store her pencils!

*To make pencils I used tooth picks and I colored the tip black, the stick yellow and the top pink. If your tooth pick has two ends as mine did, trim one end or have a grown up help you. Let dry and your doll has a perfect pencil!

Step 13-Finish personalizing your dolls Home Work Helper with stickers, motivational words sayings or anything you feel inspired by! Once it is dry it is ready to use!

I hope you have a wonderful start to your school year whether you are homeschooled, public schooled or private schooled! I look forward to sharing more craft ideas with you next week.

Today I used My Madison Springfield Doll.