Whether your campers are roughing it in tents (my favorite way to camp!) or have set up cabins, it is fun to add a few camp decorations to the scene! Our cabin is all set up and Rebecca has a few ideas to share!

Rebecca came to camp early to set up.  She is part of the camp staff this year.

Check out her fun scissors charm on her camp necklace.  She added that because she’s helping with the arts and crafts at camp!

Rebecca knew she wanted to add a little crafty touch to her cabin this year!

Morgan and Rebecca got together a few weeks ago to plan and make a few fun cabin decorations.  They are excited to be sharing a cabin at camp!

One of their favorite additions was a camp banner.

It was made it using the camp printables.

They chose 3 of the blank banners and also used ribbon, a large needle, cupcake liners, and buttons.  After following this tutorial to shape the cupcake liners, they used the needle and ribbon to string everything on the banner.   Rebecca loves the finished banner, it brings a little festive camp fun to the cabin!

One of Rebecca’s first assignments as the craft counselor was to organize and make “Welcome” bags for all the campers.

They are full of fun!

For the bag she used a mini gift bag from Michael’s, a mini tag, and the camp logo printable.

With a little Tacky glue she glued on the camp logo.  To personalize the bags she wrote each girl’s name on the tags.  Any tag will do the job but she was excited to find these tags because they are reusable.  They are made out of wood and painted with chalkboard paint.  You can find them at Michael’s in the dollar bins with 3 per package. Afterwords they will make a fun decoration for the girl’s to hang in their cabins!

Rebecca stuffed these bags to the brim with doll sized fun!  Each girl will get a “Camper” button to wear, a few sweet treats (the ones pictured are real mini candy), and crafty tape.  She knows the girls will get creative and have fun with the doll size, mini Duck Tape, and the Washi tape!

There is also a clip board, a pencil, camp stationary for writing home, Doll Diaries stickers, and a few camp forms for the girls to fill out.  Each camper will love getting her “Welcome” bag the first day of camp!  Rebecca loves being a camp craft counselor!

Every year the campers are encouraged to add a little camp fun to their cabins or tents.  It’s up to each cabin or tent to decide what kind of decorations they want to use.  Rebecca and Morgan wanted their cabin to be colorful and fun.  Right before camp they made coordinating colorful pillows for their beds!  They made them using a iron-on transfer of the camp logo. They also brought blankets from home that coordinated.  They realized they each had a sock monkey so they thought it would be funny to bring them to camp for their beds!

When Morgan arrives and the girls have a friend snap a few pictures of them in their cabin.  The pictures will be a fun memory of Camp Doll Diaries 2014!

They will also be a fun memory of the fun time they had making decorations for their cabin!

 Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • Dolls-Rebecca is an AG Historical Character.  Morgan is AG #25.
  • Outfits-Camp hoodie is in the Etsy shop.  Pants and ruffle shirt are made by Anna.  Leggings are from Saige’s sweater outfit.  Black shoes and gold sandals are from Springfield Collection.  Necklace and pins are from the Etsy shop.  Camp bag is here.
  • Scene- Bed is made by Anna, Monkey’s were found at a local boutique.  Bulletin Board instructions are here.  Drawstring backpacks are in the Etsy shop.  Chair is a thrift store find.  Garbage can tutorial is here.

Whether you are going to use tents or cabins this year for camp use those camp printables!  Make a simple banner, a “Welcome” bag, and a few Camp Doll Diaries pillows for your scene!