Wowza, what an amazing week it has been at Camp Doll Diaries.  To celebrate the awesomeness of the campers, the projects and the excitement; today is the Camp Doll Diaries Dance Recital 2014 (complete with tickets and a program and signs for the theater)!  Isabelle, Nicki and Blossom (Madame Alexander Doll) each are ready to take the stage and perform a number that they have practiced.


The stage is the reversible playscene from My Doll’s Life. The stage is on one side and the other side is a bedroom.

Nicki and Blossom made tickets and signs for the theater using the downloadable Dance Recital printable, some pretty paper and Aleene’s Tacky Tape Runner.

Just print, cut, stick and display – such an quick and easy way to add more fun to your scene!

Isabelle has a few extra tickets in her bag and is taking them back to the cabins in case someone doesn’t have one yet.

Blossom is the first to perform as a prima ballerina.  Her outfit was borrowed from Isabelle’s collection of dance wear.

Next to perform is Nicki and she is sharing a jazz number.  Her skirt was made from a pillowcase that was tie-dyed with Tulip One Step from iLoveToCreate then torn into pieces and tied onto a ribbon around her waist.

And the last performance of the night – a tap routine by our dancing star Isabelle!  She forgot to bring her tap shoes to camp this week so she attached pennies to the bottom of her regular shoes to make them in to tap shoes.

Isabelle packed plenty of headbands this week and her friends sure are glad! They all look fantastic!

Stay tuned for act two of the recital featuring the short play “Once Upon a Fairytale.”

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