Anna here!  Create your own doll fashion and customize some doll shoes!  You choose the color and embellishments to make your own fabulous!  Your one-of-a-kind creation will be a new trend setter in your doll’s world!

We’ll add a little color, flowers, sparkle, and bows today, but feel free to come up with your own addition!

Let’s take a look at what we’ll need!


Springfield Collection kindly sent me doll shoes and clothes to customize and I’ll be sharing a project now and again.  As always all opinions and ideas are my own!

To get started you need a pair of plain doll shoes.  Springfield Collection has these simple black shoes for $4.99.  Look out for a sale because they often have great sales on their website.  You can also pick up a pair at JoAnn’s or Michael’s and use a 40% off coupon to save.  Another option is to make your own doll shoes to decorate.  There are a variety of easy patterns and tutorials to make your own.

Now we need to add some color.  I went to the Tulip Soft Fabric paint for my color.  That’s because back in February I upcycled some doll boots and after trying different methods I found that the Tulip Soft Fabric paint was awesome to work with!  With this project I had my reservations that it would stick well to these black shiny shoes but it did not disappoint.  After drying for 4 hours it passed the scratch test!  And do you know what I like best?  The paint is flexible, so on a surface like shoes that bend, it stays put, no cracking or flaking off!

There are awesome colors to choose from, but I finally settled on this color called “Grape”.  I painted the shoes with 3 coats, letting it dry 20 minutes between each coat.  I would let it dry another 24 hours before you try it on your doll.  You want the paint to completely dry so the finish doesn’t get ruined.

You definitely could stop there.  The custom color is awesome!  I just couldn’t stop!  Not today!  I had to see how fun these little shoes could be with embellishments!  The first up is the flowers.


To make one fabric flower, cut 4 circles out of fabric.  Each circle is just under 1″ across (7/8″).

Fold a circle in half.

Fold the half in half again.  That is actually folding it it quarters! 🙂  The quarter circle is small, so I used the end of a pair of scissors to hold it in place for the pictures.

Cut a 1/2″ square and glue or stitch the quarter circle to the square.

Repeat with the remaining 3 circles, glueing or stitching each quarter circle to the square.  It will make a ruffly little flower.

Make a second flower for the other shoe.  Glue a flower on each shoe.

Take in these sweet ruffly flowers.


Now for some sparkle and shine!  I wanted some awesome sparkle but not the mess of glitter.  FolkArt Extreme Glitter craft paint delivers!  It looks the best painted over a coordinating base color, so it worked perfect with our “Grape” color.  Paint it on and as it dries watch the glitter appear.  Let it dry 20 minutes and add another coat.  With each coat the shine multiplies!  I added 3 coats in all!  After the final coat, let it dry for 24 hours.  You don’t want to ruin the finish by using it to early!


A shimmer and shine to make you smile!


Now for a simple bow!

Cut a rectangle out of fabric 1″x 1 1/2″.

With a needle and thread make a few stitches up the middle of the rectangle.

Pull the thread and it will create a gather in the middle of the rectangle.  Now it looks like a bow!  Hold the gather tight and wrap thread around and around the gather.  Sew a stitch in the back of the bow and tie a knot to finish it.

Make a second bow just like the first.  Glue each one to a doll shoe.

All dressed up and ready to play!

Do you have a favorite?  Is it the sweet ruffly flowers?


Maybe it’s the sparkle, simmer and shine?

What about the bows to dress things up a bit?

Customize doll shoes and create a one of a kind outfit for your doll!

Just in case you are interested here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll– Morgan is AG #25
  • Outfit- Skirt and shirt is made by Anna. 

Create fashion for dolls!

Springfield Collection provided the shoes for this project.  All opinions and ideas are my own!