Camp Doll Diaries Week 10

Are you ready to be blown away? Are you ready to take on a project your dolls will love forever? Our Doll Diaries friend Brandy is going to show us how to make a coffee shop for the dolls that is so amazing that it will take more than one post to show you how to make all the goodies!

Camp Doll Diaries - Make a Coffee Shop for Dolls

One of Brandy’s daughters’ favorite treats is a Starbucks run when they are out and about on a “Mother-Daughters’ Day.”  She couldn’t wait to share with them this fun little shop she put together.  I can imagine that the campers at Doll Diaries would love to make a Starbucks run too! (You don’t have to make your doll’s coffee shop a Starbucks – you can use your favorite brand or make up your own.)

Because this post is so long, we are going to split it into two parts. Today we will make the the coffee shop accessories and then Thursday we will finish up by making all the drinks and sweets.


Supplies: Green fabric & thread, Transfer Magic transfer paper, and an iron.

Make a doll apron

Step 1 – Cut out two squares of green fabric. The top was 3 ½ inch square and the bottom was 4 ½ inch square. Put a ¼ inch hem on all sides and make ties out of the remnant green fabric. Or you can use green ribbon.

Step 2 – Make the Starbucks emblem on the top of the apron by finding a picture on the internet and printg if off onto Transfer Magic transfer paper. (You can purchase this at your local Jo Ann Fabric Store.) It worked great!

Make a doll apron


Make a doll sized coffee dispenser

Supplies: toilet paper tube, metallic silver card stock paper, black card stock paper, grey textured card stock paper, hot glue gun, scissors, pencil, wood rectangle, black paint.

Make a doll sized coffee dispenser

Step 1 – Cover the toilet paper tube in the silver metallic card stock paper.

Make a doll sized coffee dispenser

Step 2 – Cover each end with a circle of black foam paper.

Make a doll sized coffee dispenser

Step 3 – Glue the cylinder to a previously painted 2×3 inch wood piece (found in wood crafts at local Michael’s craft store).

Step 4 – Punch out a small circle from the textured grey card stock paper to mimic a drip pan and glue in front of cylinder.

Make a doll sized coffee dispenser

Step 5 – Cut strips of black card stock and glue them around the top and bottom of each cylinder.

Step 6 – Cut smaller circles and a thin strip of black foam to make a lid.

Make a doll sized coffee dispenser

The spout is created by gluing to the front lower half of the cylinder a black button, a black pony bead on top of that, then a black tear drop bead. I had to paint the tear drop bead black…all I had on hand at the time were blue. Then cut a very small triangle of black foam paper, insert and glue this to the top of the tear drop bead.

Make a doll sized coffee dispenser

Ready to serve!


Doll Sized Coffee Shop

The doll napkin was cut down from an actual Starbucks napkin. I used a fine tip sharpie to details.


Doll Sized Cake Stand

Make the cake stand by gluing a 3 inch round wood disc to a small wood candle holder. Prime it and paint it a gloss white.

Doll Sized Cake Stand

The cake dome was made from a fruit cup container. A white bead was glued on top for a handle. I also glued a green decorative paper clip to the white bead to hold the “Today’s Specials” sign.


How to make doll sized Bagged Coffee  

To make the bagged coffee, use white computer paper and fold it into itself then glue the bottom. Stuff it with tissue and glue the top closed. I found a Starbucks coffee label on an internet search and copy and pasted it to a mailing label. The label was then attached to the ‘coffee bag.’ 


Make doll sized coffee shop

Use a favor sized brown paper bags and cut it down. I once again copy and pasted a Starbucks picture and printed it off on a large mailing label. I recycled bag handles from an old bag and taped to the inside of the new bag.


Doll sized coffee shop menu

Type up your favorite treats, add some decorative cardstock paper for color and laminate the sheet for extra play protection.


Doll sized coffee shop sign

Step 1 – Again copy and paste a Starbucks picture and print out on printer paper. Cut out and add black cardstock paper to the background.

Step 2 – Laminate the sign. The sign post is made from a dowel rod cut down to size and two end caps. One end cap was glued to a wood disc, which was then attached to the side of the Payne Street Doll Boutique Tiki Hut with Command Strip Velcro.

Have fun making all these goodies for your doll coffee shop! Wednesday’s post will be something fabulous from Anna, then Thursday we will make all the sweet treats and drinks for the coffee shop and we will finish off the week with something cool from Karen.