Camp Doll Diaries

The whole world is a buzz with the birth of the new Prince! Even the dolls are talking about it. 

The Royal Baby Arrives!

Veronika has arrived! She is just in time to introduce the Royal baby, her little brother.  The Royal baby has the family’s blue eyes.

Closer look at the Royal Baby.

Veronika gives her Royal baby brother the first royal kiss.

Close up of Veronika and her baby brother.

Veronika bonds with the Royal baby, so much love for her baby brother.

Baby outfit created by Diana, Veronika is a Carpatina doll, and the background is from the American Girl collection new release.

Now you can have a celebration of your own! The American Girl Baby Polly from Felicity’s collection, the baby from the 2005 Baby and Stroller set or the Circo babies from Target work great for the royal baby. If you don’t have one of them, a small stuffed animal will always work (use your imagination!!).

Here is a printable I made for you to announce the new baby and to decorate the castle with.

Camp Doll Diaries Royal Announcement

Download the Royal Baby printable as a PDF file.

How will your dolls celebrate this historic occasion? What did they name the new prince or princess in your kingdom?