Camp Doll Diaries week 13

Anna here!  There are a lot of school supplies sold at the stores this time of year.  Among them are the locker decorations.  These decorations are usually high fashion and fun.  Today I have 4 crafts for a doll size locker.  We are going to add a little fun to that locker with a locker chandelier, a sparkly mirror, a shiny pencil holder, and a shaggy rug.

All made from items around the house, this is a repurpose craft at it’s finest.

Come along!  Maria will show you around this locker and it’s fun details!

Before we jump fully into the tour, here is a list of all the supplies in one place.


  • battery operated tea light
  • bead necklace
  • compact mirror
  • duck tape
  • bling on a roll or other trim
  • small lid like a glue stick lid
  • scrap of fabric
  • velcro
  • glue

Locker Chandelier

With a working light this mini chandelier goes far to add fun and glam to a locker.


Did you see it is simply made from party bead necklaces and a battery operated tea light?


To make your own, cut the party necklace into small segments.  Add the necklace segments around the tealight with glue.  Glue a couple  of velcro tabs on the top of the chandelier.  Be sure to not cover up the battery cover or switch.

Sparkly Mirror

With a little sparkle this mirror adds glam!

For the locker mirror I repurposed a mirror compact.  You could use an old one you have on hand or pick one up at the dollar store.

First I broke the compact in half to separate the two sides.  I didn’t like the color of the compact so I covered it  with duck tape.  You could also easily change the color with paint.

With a little bling on a roll the mirror is oh-so-sparkly.

Shiny Pencil Holder

Make a shiny pencil holder for dolls.

This little pencil holder is made with duck tape (or paper/paint), bling on a roll (Trim, ribbon, or jewels would also work) and a lid  such as this one from a glue stick.

I covered the lid in duck tape because the color shows through the bling on a roll.  You could also cover the lid in paper or paint it to change the color.  To use duck tape wrap the outside of the lid.  Cut slits along the top and bottom of the roll to make tabs.  Fold down the tabs across the bottom and press down the tabs into the opening.  Cut a strip of jewels to completely cover the lid surface.  Now it is ready to hold a pencil or two!

Shaggy Rug

Add texture with this doll size shaggy rug.

Use a fabric scrap cut to the size of the bottom of the locker.  Our fabric scrap is actually a cleaning rag from the dollar store!

From head to toe this little locker is loaded with fun details!


Try the locker chandelier, sparkly mirror, shiny pencil holder and shaggy rug!

If you are looking for good ideas to make a doll locker here are a few option!

Locker made from a Shoebox, a doll box, or fashioned from a regular box.

Just in case you are interested, here are more details from today’s post!

  • Doll-Springfield Colllection- Maria
  • Outfit- sewn and refashioned for dolls by Anna
  • Scene- Locker is made by Anna,

Craft a fun scene and play!