It’s time to make things interesting! How about a Battle of the Ice Cream Machines?

When My Doll’s Life sent me their super cute Ice Cream Cone & Frozen Yogurt Cups Set along with their Sweet Shoppe Reversible Play Scene I knew immediately that I wanted to make a soft serve dispenser and an old fashioned churn style ice cream maker!

My inspirations were the soft serve machines you would see in your local ice cream shop and from American Girl Doll Addy’s ice cream maker.


For the soft serve machine I used a rectangular paper mache box, scrap cardboard paper, scrap lid from a jewelry box, pony beads, foam paper, cardstock paper, scissors, Aleene’s Glass and Bead Glue, and round and star hand punches.

I removed the lid from the paper mache box.  I traced the opening onto the cardboard paper, cut it out, and using Aleene’s Glass and Bead Glue – glued the cover over the opening.  I then glued the box into the back of the turned up lid.  I then painted the machine in silver paint.  I used spray paint to save time.  Once dry, I glued the white jewelry box lid onto the front of the machine.  I took white pony beads and hot glued them to the front and under side of the lid.  Using grey foam paper I cut out long triangle shapes and glued them into the front pony beads to make levers.  I used a round hand punch and blue foam paper to make button accents.  A star hand punch and gray paper was used for more details.  I used white and silver cardstock to resemble a drip tray.


For the old fashioned churn style machine I recycled a wedding favor silver bucket.  You can buy these in bulk at Michael’s craft store in the wedding favors aisle.  I purchased a wood grain looking cardstock paper and wrapped this paper around the inner and outer bucket.   I took a piece of grey foam paper and rolled it into a tube and glued.  I cut a paper wood circle and glued on top to the tube.  I cut a piece of foam paper into a long triangle and glued on top the tube and bucket.  Another circle, this time from foam paper, was layered on top.  A crank handle was made out of wood grain cardstock paper layered over the foam paper.  I purchased clear small square beads to resemble ice.


Staff camper JoJo decided to bring along some store bought ice cream just in case they ran out!  These little buckets are single serving sizes found in your local grocery stores.  And…it looks like the campers are lining up!


So, which kind of ice cream is going to win? Soft serve or scoop? What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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