In keeping with our “CEO of Me” theme this week which is meant to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit, we have a fun guest post from our friends at the Doll Mag blog.Β 


Hi Doll Diaries readers!

We’re Bella and Lulu, the editors of Doll Mag, an online magazine devoted to all things dolls. When Char asked us to contribute for this year’s Camp Doll Diaries, we quickly went to brainstorming what we wanted to share for CEO of Me week. After much deliberation, the two of us decided upon one of the most popular jobs for girls: babysitting! Thankfully, our doll Louisa is an expert babysitter and was willing to share her experiences.

Louisa couldn’t wait to start her baby-sitting job! She spent all morning creating her colorful signs that sported her logo and information, and she had hung them up around her neighborhood earlier that day.

With the bright drawings and lettering, it was no wonder that Louisa got her first job right away! She was going to be baby-sitting Lucy and Bridget, the twin toddlers who lived down the street.

To make sure she had plenty of entertaining games and puzzles, Louisa packed up her baby-sitting kit and filled it with memory games, cards, crayons, and coloring books to keep everyone having fun!

The adorable little twins, Bridget and Lucy, couldn’t wait to start playing with Louisa. The minute she walked through the door, there was a flurry of giggles and jumping. Before long, all three girls sat in a circle on the floor; they were in the midst of an intense game of Memory. “Got one!” Bridget exclaimed when she found a matching pair of green squares.

“This has been so much fun!” Lucy laughed, giving Louisa a bear hug when it was time for her baby-sitter to leave. “Aww,” Louisa answered, smiling. “Make sure you come and play again soon.” Bridget instructed happily.

If your doll wants to be a babysitter too this summer, you can download our free Babysitting for the Bitties printable.

Thanks again to the Camp Doll Diaries team for letting us contribute! We had a blast coming up with the download and photos, and both of us can’t wait to see what comes in the following weeks for Camp Doll Diaries. In the meantime, be sure to stop by at the Doll Mag website – and don’t forget to say hello!

Bella and Lulu