Karen here and my favorite thing to do to earn money when I was younger was baby sitting! I grew up in a large family and was always around young children so I never found babysitting a difficult thing. Today I wanted to share with you a fun way you can create a baby sitting play set for your dolls that I hope you will love. Since I made this fun set I can not seem to stop playing with it! To make today’s Play Set that includes an Activity Play Mat for a baby doll and a busy beads activity box as well as some fun baby sitting printables you will need:

Download the Babysitting Fun activity for Babysitter’s Notes and Membership Cards for your dolls.


Kunin Felt

Phoomph for fabric sheet

Pipe Cleaners in various colors and Thicknesses

A Mixture of Beads including small pony beads

Small Buttons

An Empty Soap Box

A Glue Gun with Glue or Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion Adhesive

A Ruler

 A Small Baby Doll ( I bought mine at Walmart for $3 in Canada The Brand is Kid Connection Mini Babies)

To make the Activity Mat –

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies and plug in your glue gun (A great glue to use if you do not have a glue gun is Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion Adhesive )

Step 2- Use your ruler to measure and cut your felt and Phoomph into a 5.5 inch square * I started with a 6 inch square but found that the pipe cleaners were to short so I trimmed mine down to 5.5 inches squared

Step 3- Peel back one layer of the backing from your Phoomph and lay your felt on top smoothing it as you go. This give your play mat some structure and some padding.

Step 4- Glue Four Pony beads to your play mat, one in each corner.

Step 5- Once the glue is almost totally set, place one end of the pipe cleaner, bending into an arch as you go, in each pony bead. Add more glue if you wish.

Step 6- Cut a thinner pipe cleaner in half and then use it to twist around the “X’ you created with your larger pipe cleaners, create another “X” shape with these thinner pipe cleaners by twisting them into place and bending them towards the  “Mat”.

Step 7- Add small colorful buttons and beads to each of these thinner pipe cleaners and bend the ends in through the bead or button to secure, these become the babies “hanging” play toys. Now your mat is ready for baby doll  to try out!

Busy Beads Activity Boxes are one of my most favorite baby and toddler toys! Who can resist moving the colorful beads around the wires? Here are the steps to make your own.

Step 1- Empty your soap from your soap box and tape the lid closed. You can use your Phoomph to give your felt and box more structure on the ends by measuring the box ends and tracing them on the felt and Phoomph, cut out the rectangles, pull back the backing and add your felt to one side as you did in the activity mat, then remove the backing on the other side and adhere it to the sides of your box.

Step 2- Use more Phoomph or glue around the box and add your felt. Pressing and gluing it all around the box until your box is totally covered.

Step 3- Add glue to the corners of the box and gently press in two more pony beads as shown in the photo above.

Step 4- Place one end of a thin pipe cleaner into the pony bead.

Step 5- Thread on some colorful beads and different shaped beads or buttons on to your pipe cleaner, making sure you do not add too many as you want your bead box beads to move like the real thing! When you have enough on, add more glue to the other pony bead and insert the other end of your pipe cleaner.

Step 6- Add more pony beads to the other side of your box and repeat with more buttons or beads.

Step 7- To help give your bead wired structure, twist a small piece of pipe cleaner around the two main wires you just created, which you can see if you look closely at my photo above near the Yellow Dog bead and the blue bead. This will stop your beads from moving past this point but helps to hold the wires in place.

Step 8- Add smaller pipe cleaners wires under the main bead wires as shown above. I bent one wire as I went and added a bead between each bend as I went, then added another pony bead and glue to secure the ends. Add as many as you would like, I stopped at 4. You may want to connect the lower wires with another pipe cleaner twist for stability.

Once the pipe cleaners and glue are dry your bead box is ready for play!


TIP: To make your printables last longer:

  • Print out and cut out your Doll Diaries Baby Sitting Printables
  •  Cover each cut out with clear packing tape and cut out.
  • Covering them makes it easy to use a washable marker to write the information on each card and then wipe off when you are done play!
  • Store your items in a small clear lunch bag when not in use.

I hope you enjoyed today’s CEO of Me Craft!