Camp Doll Diaries – An Artistic Camping Outfit

Camp Doll Diaries - Art Rocks

Saige is committed to awareness of the arts and the importance of them in schools and learning. What better way for her to express her passion than an outfit created just for her by a girl who shares her passion? This outfit was designed and made by Zoe, age 7.

You will need:

The first step is to write your message on the t-shirt. The pattern above has the words “Art Rocks” so if you don’t think you can get it spaced right; you can hold it up to a window under the shirt and trace it. Then you use different colors of floss to stitch the letters. We have found that floss from Coats and Clark tangles less than the others.

Camp Doll Diaries Art Rocks t-shirt

To embellish the doll size jeans, Zoe used felt, Phoomph and buttons. Phoomph is a really cool product you can use to give fabric shapes a 3-D look and to give them more strength – it can be found at the craft store. Cut a small piece of felt into a square and back it with Phoomph. Then draw (or trace one of our doodles from the pattern) on the other backing of the Phoomph to cut out. After it is cut out, peel the Phoomph and stick it to the jeans where you want it. Zoe made a flower for one side.

Camp Doll Diaries Art Rocks Phoomph

And then she made a heart for the other leg. To attach the buttons she used Aleene’s tacky glue.

Camp Doll Diaries Art Rocks Phoomph

She was so excited that she decided to stitch and Phoomph felt Saige’s cap too. Keeping our faces from the sun is a good way to protect our skin after all!

Camp Doll Diaries Art Rocks Phoomph

Happy finding ways to embellish your clothing and supporting arts everywhere you go!

PS – Don’t forget to enter to win the mega art supplies giveaway from Laura Kelly that will be ending Friday!

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  1. Cool! I might try it.

  2. Looks sooo awesome! Two of my dolls are artists so this is good for them

  3. abbilia8 says:

    i love it <3 😉

  4. Soo cute!

  5. I wish there was a cheaper way to buy just plain white doll T-shirts for decorating! The Springfield outfit is reasonable, but I don’t need the pants.

  6. Laura, I swear, you must be a 70s child at heart! LOL! This reminds me of the stuff my older sister used to wear in the 70s. Embroidery floss, and other fabric applied to clothing, groovy! She once stitched a 7UP can onto fabric, and then stitched it to her jeans to cover up a hole! I’ve never heard of Phoomph, it sounds interesting. I will have to try this.

  7. I just realized that Laura Kelly is the designer of some iron on peeps I got the other day! I made the cutest bag with everyone in our family including the dogs..I did sadly mess up on two of them they somehow never did transfer completely. I went back to the store for more but they were all gone. I think they were on clearance to get more or new ones. The lady said they would not have more…its sad but I did just realize that you designed those adoreable little people! WELL done and thanks for all your hard work this week,. Too too too cute!!!

  8. Erica W. says:


  9. Do you know where I could get nice white doll t-shirts to make this craft? :)

  10. Awesome!

  11. AGinParadise – try the Springfield brand that you can find at the craft stores or look on for more styles

  12. I have to make this

  13. I Know Its Off Topic But Scenes From Saige PAints The sky Are On Ag Saige Website

  14. Madelon says:

    What a great idea!

  15. Adorable! I’m going to make a ton with different sayings, such as “Art Rocks!” like in the craft and one that says “Save the Manatees!”

  16. cordelia says:

    Fantastic! I just bought the Springfield set on sale for Rose and was planning to add some decoration and now I have this great idea to guide me. I will have to see if I can find Phoomph—I didn’t know about this product.

    Sharry, I used to find creative ways, patches, cut-outs from various materials, etc. to patch my jeans in the early 70’s just as your sister did!

  17. cordelia says:

    Congratulations to Zoe on this awesome job–what an inspiration!

  18. cool

  19. sabrina says:


  20. Zoe – Great job! The outfit looks great. Thanks for sharing! : )

  21. Juliet XD says:

    This cute! I am NOT good at things that take time or carefulness, so this is not high on my list….. Thanks for sharing!

  22. What is phoomph

  23. sabrina says:

    Nice idea!