Today’s Camp travels take us to a completely different part of the world than yesterday. We are off to spend the afternoon at a Paris Café using things you already have around the house and a simple printable I created for you.

Camp Doll Diaries - Paris Sidewalk Cafe

Rowena gets ready to sit down as McKayla delivers the food at this quaint little sidewalk café that Camille found. 

Camp Doll Diaries - Paris Sidewalk Cafe

Honestly, the supplies I started with did not really end up being the supplies I actually used. Like I said, you can really use what ever you have on hand to make your cafe as elaborate or as simple as you would like.

Supplies I actually used:

Camp Doll Diaries - Paris Sidewalk Cafe

Let’s start by making the Café Paris sign.

Step 1 – Print out the activity sheet and cut out the sign

Step 2 – Cut a piece of cardboard or fun foam just a little larger than the sign. I happened to have the back piece from some embellishments packaging I had that worked really well.

Step 3 – Glue the sign on the backing, add an embellishment or two and place on the easel. If you don’t have an easel you can hang your sign on the wall of your cafe space.

Camp Doll Diaries - Paris Sidewalk Cafe

For the awnings I considered painting craft sticks red and white and stringing them together, but I did not have enough on hand. Then I thought about using red and white craft foam, but again, I came up short (I think it is time for me to restock some basics), so I did what I know best… I made a printable version.

Step 1: Print one copy of the awning for every window or doorway you want to decorate.

Step 2: Cut three sides – do not cut the side next to the edge of the paper – you will need to fold this back to attach it to your wall.

Step 3: Fold the long edge closest to the paper edge.

Step 4: Tape the fold to your windows.

Camp Doll Diaries - Paris Sidewalk Cafe

Camille and Rowena decide to start with cupcakes and then work to the healthy fruit and cheese plate they ordered! Crazy girls!

Camp Doll Diaries - Paris Sidewalk Cafe

Poodles are iconically French so I decided to give this little poodle friend of ours a blinged out collar for fun.

Bling out a collar:

Step 1: Measure a piece of ribbon or bling on a roll long enough to go around your dog’s neck and secure with a dab of glue or tape.

Step 2: Add a sparkly pom pom for added detail.


Camp Doll Diaries - Paris Sidewalk Cafe

The French are known for things like bread, cheese, fruit and chocolate. Look around your doll space for some of these items to put on a plate for your dolls. The baguette is one Natalie made using Karen’s doll bread instructions. 

Camp Doll Diaries - Paris Sidewalk Cafe

April is taking a walk through the city when she sees her friend Galina with Buster the Cat. 

Camp Doll Diaries - Paris Sidewalk Cafe

Buster thinks he is the coolest thing in town!

Camp Doll Diaries - Paris Sidewalk Cafe

Galina is so excited to see April! “It has been too long since we last chatted, April,” said Galina. “Do you have time to sit and talk a bit now?”

Camp Doll Diaries - Paris Sidewalk Cafe

“I always have time for my friends,” replied April, “how have you been?”

Today’s activity was really a team effort. While I was making the printables and setting up the basic scene, Natalie was dressing and posing all the dolls for me. She took some of the photos and I took some. It is very good Mother/Daughter time that I really treasure.

In today’s post:

  • Table & chairs – American Girl, Kit’s collection
  • Park bench – found at the Christmas Tree Stores ($10)
  • Food & dishes – American Girl, Our Generation and The Queen’s Treasures from various sets
  • Dolls – Kidz  n Cats Camille, Carpatina Rowena, Madame Alexander McKayla, American Girl April, Kidz n Cats Galina

How do you dolls like France? What will they order?