Ivy came out to the meadow to look for the trailhead to the hike she is going to take the campers on later. Ivy is one of the guides at JoJo’s Hiking Center (be sure to check out Brandy’s post from earlier today).

She decided to pack light and bring her drawstring backpack. 

 Today I have a no-sew version of a doll size drawstring backpack to share with you!  

Yep, it is made with Duck Tape!  I am loving this Red Bandanna Pattern!  It’s perfect for camp! 


  • Duck Tape
  • scissors
  • Sharpie marker
  • ruler
  • 22″ of 1/8″ribbon
  • Pattern (optional)

Let’s get started!

Measure and cut two sets of three strips of duct tape 10″ long.  

 I used a Sharpie to mark the length.

 Attach three strips at a time, just overlapping lengthwise.  You will have 2 sections now.  Measure and mark the half way point 5″ on each side.

 Cut a strip of tape the same as the width of each section.  Mark the center of the tape.  Match up both marks and place it across the tape.

 Here are the two sections so far.

 Fold each section in half.  Where you placed the Duck Tape strip there will be a casing.

 We need to trim up the sides and cut off a little extra tape.  You can use the drawstring pattern here to trace the size or measure and mark your backpack to be about 4 1/4″ x 5″.

Let’s close the bottom of the backpack and adding the ribbon straps!  Cut a strip of Duck Tape about 5 1/2″ x  1″ .  Lay down the tape strip.  Place the ribbon and then the backpack, layering the ribbon under the bottom corner edge at least 1/2″. 

 Thread the ribbon through the back casing. 

 Thread it into the front casing as pictured above.  Next you will loop it back through the back casing.  

 Where the end of the ribbon comes out of the casing, bring it straight down and layer the end between the tape and the back panel.  

Fold up the bottom edge of strip.  It will overlap onto the ribbon.

 Trim the tape around the ribbon.  I did not cut it off the ribbon.  It helps to leave some tape in the ribbon to make the straps stronger.

 Cut two strips of tape about 4″ x 1″.  Place each strip on the sides, first on one side, cutting a slit next to the bottom strap and then folding  it over onto the front.  The tape will not overlap the casing.

Now we need to loosen up the Duck Tape at the top of the bag.  Gently pull the strings to cinch up the top.  Put your fingers in the hole at the top and pull it open.  Repeat this several times until you see it’s easier to open and close the bag.

I’m loving drawstring backpacks!  If you would like to purchase a drawstring backpack with the Camp Doll Diaries logo there are a few left in the Doll Diaries Etsy shop here.   

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Ivy is an AG Historical Character
  • Outfit-Camp Doll Diaries Sweatshirt is available here.  The Jeggings are available here.