Camp Doll Diaries-A Grand Picnic

Chances are that sometime this summer you enjoyed a picnic with family or friends.  Did you spread out a blanket or sit at a picnic table?  Did you eat sandwiches, homemade family favorites, or fast food?

Picnics at the turn of the century, from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, were different from today.  They were a grand outdoor meal.  Samantha has set a picnic spread in the spirit of the Victorian and Edwardian era’s, when these grand picnics were popular.

She has chosen a lovely meadow to spread out the picnic blanket.   

She is serving a variety of foods.  There is bread and cheese, hard boiled eggs, oranges, apples, grapes, strawberries, desserts and lemonade.  

If you would like to host a grand picnic for your dolls I have a few ideas to get you started!  

To make this picnic truly grand put on a lovely spread of food.  Serve up a variety of foods mixing handmade and store-bought.

Homemade Favorites

To put a few homemade favorites on the menu I’m making some on the doll food out of clay. 


  • Oven baked clay (I’m using Sculpey Clay in various colors)
  • pin

These are the foods I made out of the clay.

It is a cinch to make your own!

  • oranges and strawberries- They are made using this tutorial.
  •  apples– Adapt the orange tutorial or follow these easy instructions.
  • bread– Roll it out into a mini loaf.  Add the cuts across the top with the tip of a pin. 
  • cheese– Mix white, yellow and a little bit of orange clay to make the cheese.  Shape it into a wedge.
  • hard boiled eggs– Roll bits of white clay into an egg shape.

Bake according to the package, let cool and you are ready to have fun with the doll food you made! 

Store Bought Delights

Of course this feast is a mixture of hand made and store bought.  

These little dessert erasers were a perfect elegant touch.  Use what doll food you have on hand to serve a variety of food.

Elegant Setting

Pull out all the stops and serve the picnic spread on your most elegant dishes.

This is what will elevate it truly to a grand affair!

Picnic Basket

Pack up the picnic in a mini wicker basket.

That way you can transport it to a lovely spot fitting for a grand picnic!  

Picnics may be simpler today but the the most important parts are the same!  Enjoy eating out side with family or friends!

Just in case you are interested here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Samatha is an AG Historical Character
  • Outfit-Samantha’s Pinafore Dress made for dolls using this pattern.
  • Scene-Handkerchief is from Samantha’s accessories.  Picnic basket and tea set are thrifty finds.  Background is made with paper.    

 Hope you will enjoy a grand picnic with your dolls!

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  4. this inspires me to take my doll on a picnic for lunch. Thanks for the ideas and great photos.

  5. samanthafan says:

    I going to make this for my Millie Keith doll:)

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    i love how cute it looks. I am definitely going to make it for my 2 dolls!;0:)

  7. Tiff-a-Turkey says:

    ps congratulations Sammie!

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  9. SO CUTE!!!!! I wish I had clay to make some! I do have a fun eraser that looks like cake! And I have fine dishes that I use with my dolls.

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    Adorable craft Anna!

  13. Anna – so love this post! Everything looks beautiful! My dolls love having picnics! : )

  14. AG 4 ever :) says:

    WOW you made that dress on Samantha???!!!! I have the actual dress and It looks exactly the same! The clay food is so cute! You truly are talented, Anna! Just like the other people who write on this blog! :)

  15. AG 4 ever :) says:

    Also I am having a problem! I have a doll with a hearing aid but I lost the pin. Do you think American Girl would replace it? If not, What do I do? Help please!

  16. Love this! I can hardly tell the difference between the home made polymer clay food and the food erasers, they blend together really well to form an appetising picnic! Karen’s apple making a year ago opened my eyes to the possibilities for our dolls with this clay. Another great post!

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  23. Sharon Collins says:

    Love this idea. It was common back then.

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