When you go off to camp, there are so many things to do – from crafts, sports, hiking, lunch, and more – but the entire camp really can’t do everything at the same time and there needs to be a schedule. Our friends from Pine Valley Girls Club blog, Honey and Willow, have the perfect solution – a peg board that is super easy to make! Remember – this is INSPIRATION – get creative, use scrapbook paper, felt, ribbon, or what ever else you have on hand to make your activity peg board just how you like it!


When we were younger, we attended Green Hill Lake Camp in New Brunswick. They use a special peg board to determine camp activities there. We decided to recreate the peg board in doll size.

Camp Doll Diaries Activity Peg Board

What you will need:

  • Cardboard (we used a cardboard pallet)
  • 50-70 Thumbtacks
  • Card-stock, Foam, or Construction Paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A Camp Doll Diaries Logo
  • Peg Board Printables
  • Hole Puncher
  • Bottle Cap
  • Tape

Camp Doll Diaries Activity Peg Board

You will need three different colors of construction paper.

Camp Doll Diaries Activity Peg Board

Once you’ve gathered your materials, cut out numbers 1-3 out of different colors. Then take the bottle cap and use the rest of the paper to trace and cut out 16-30 tags out of each color. You’ll need as many tags as you have campers, but feel free to use your imagination and make more.

Camp Doll Diaries Activity Peg Board

Then print out this list of activities (download as a PDF). You can always make your own labels if you want an activity we didn’t include. Cut out the labels and choose 3-4 that you want on your peg-board. Also print a Camp Doll Diaries Logo.

Hole punch all of your tags, then write the name or number of your camper on it. Each camper should have three tags, one of each color.

Glue your Camp Doll Diaries logo at the top of your board, and glue the numbers 1-3 in order below it. Each number represents a time slot for an activity. Tape your activities next to the logo, leaving space between them. The peg-board is like a graph, showing who is doing what when.

Put thumbtacks in each space. We put four per time slot/activity, but you could put less or more.

As you can see, our campers have already chosen their activities for the day! McKenna is checking the order. She can see that she is going to crafts, then the zipline, and finally to the archery range.

Thank you for reading!
Honey and Willow for Pine Valley Girls Club