This has been a big year for Grace.  She wants to celebrate and remember her work at the bakery.

Burlap bulletin board for dolls-21

One way is posting pictures to a bulletin board in her room.

Burlap bulletin board for dolls-16

The bulletin board is cute, decorative and such a fun way to display memories!

Burlap bulletin board for dolls-20

Come and make this fun bulletin board for your doll space!

Burlap bulletin board for dolls


  • paper for the bulletin board
  • 2+ colors of paper for decorating the board
  • ribbon or thread
  • magazine to cut out pictures or your own pictures
  • mini clothes pins (optional)
  • stickers or paper punches (optional)
  • cardboard (optional)
  • adhesive (tape or glue)

I am using burlap paper for the background of the bulletin board.  You can use any kind of paper for the board.  If the paper is not stiff enough you can back it with cardboard.

Wrap the ribbon around the board and tape/glue the ends of the ribbon to the back.  My paper was pretty stiff but I really wanted to add even more support, so I glued two more sheets of the same paper to the back.  You could also use cardboard to stiffen it up.

Burlap bulletin board for dolls-2

Decorate the board with paper shapes.  You can cut the shapes out with scissors, use a paper punch or stickers.

Since this board is for Grace I cut pictures from a magazine to display.

Burlap bulletin board for dolls-25

You can attach the pictures with mini clothes pins.  If you don’t have mini clothes pins use tape or simply slip the photo under the edges of the ribbon.  Use what you have on hand, there are so many ways to make this cute!

Burlap bulletin board for dolls-18

This little bulletin board would be an adorable place to display doll size artwork, postcards, photos, or cards.

Burlap bulletin board for dolls-22

It’s a fun place to display memories and super cute as a decoration!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post!

Create, play, and make your own memories!