Yippee, it is SCIENCE week at Camp Doll Diaries.  McKenna is so excited about it that she borrowed Lanie’s nature books and even her clothes to adventure outdoors and learn about turtles.  She found several on her outing and ended up bringing two home to keep as summertime pets in her cabin.  The two that are shown in the pictures with her terrarium project were made from Sculpey clay by Zoe.

On the adventure, she watched how they behaved and learned that they are curious little creatures.

She studied and found out that turtles need water, food and an environment with grass and rocks to survive.  She got to work to create them a new little home and gathered the things she would need.  If you want to make one of these at home, you can use any little container (better if you can see into it), rocks and grass (I used the packaged moss grass that is sold for dioramas in the craft stores).

To create the cute little jars of food, I filled up mini vials with sprinkles from our baking cabinet.  The adorable little file folders are from the scrapbooking section in the store but you can cut your own out of card stock too.

If you have a single little turtle, it might be a cute little home from him in a mini sized jar for the container.

If you think turtles are super cute and fun, you might like this word search of turtle things.  You can download it free here or by clicking on the picture below.

Happy Turtle Hunting,