As  doll lover for many years, I stand back and look at the many faces and styles of my doll collection and I start to see a pattern.  Although I try to keep my collection diversified I very rarely just have one of any doll series.  It seems that when I truly like a doll,  I end up trying to find different combinations.  So it is with my newest additions…

Amy, who has brunette hair and brown eyes, was my first addition from My Salon Doll as you may have seen in a previous post.

Maralee followed as my redhead with green eyes, she as an auburn reddish hair that really made me look at her closely.  But I just could not stop at having just these two….

I had to add a blonde, so I selected Syndi.  She has light strawberry hair and blue eyes.  I was determined to add Syndi to my collection, so I camped out at my computer on Black Friday for those after Thanksgiving deals. 

This is a closer look at Syndi, she of course had her hair styled immediately.  I decided to just curl the tips of her hair, since her hair is much longer then the other two.  She comes wearing a light color teal dress (it did have Velcro in the back), panties and gorgeous light teal and brown boots with a zipper on the back.  Also included was the white cap.

Although all three dolls are from My Salon Doll, they all do not have the same face molds, nor lip color.  The skin tone also varies in color and of course so does the hair and eyes.  One very interesting features is that the eyebrows actually match the hair color, which signifies how much detail these dolls have.  I do not think I am completely finished with this series of dolls, since I have my eye on yet another….so stay tuned, this is not the end

So take a look at your dolls, are there times you have just stopped at one?  Do you have more then one in the series and what made you get more?