Late this summer we took a look at Brianne’s doll space and she recently renovated it. She sent in photos and a little description as to what she did – I’m sure you will love it.

Let’s start the tour – in Brianne’s words:

This is the blue bedroom. The beds are from Ebay, and are beautiful quality. The bedding and pillows my Mom hand stitched herself, and looks awesome, just like everything she makes for me! The colorful cabinet is from Hobby Lobby, and the side tables are from home goods. Let’s move on to bedroom number two!

This is the first bedroom when you walk into the dollhouse. Ronney, Blake, and Addie are having a nice conversation. Both of the beds are from American Girl, along with the new white nightstand, which I received from Christmas. The hutch, bookshelf, and white lamp are from antique stores, and the orange desk is from eBay. The chair was my Mom’s when she was a little girl for her dolls, and we added a cushion and pillows. The cool rug is from ikea. Now, let’s move on to my most favorite addition!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Greyson! He is my new custom boy doll, and this is his room. He was a Just Like You 56, but I bought a new wig and went to my favorite doll store to get him rewigged. His bed I found on eBay, and his bedding was hand stitched by my Mom also. The silver cabinet was from Hobby Lobby, which my Mom repainted. The tall black cabinet was from home goods and also repainted. The coffee table I made in building trades at my school. The silver lamp my Mom found at an antique store and repainted. The peace sign is a patch which was glued on. Excuse the postcards, because during all the renovations we ran out of fun tac, so we can’t hang anything up right now. I am going to hang them all up at once. However, the Greyson poster was made by me in art club.

This is the bathroom, which has now moved into the back corner. The vanity is from American Girl, along with the toilet. The tub is from wal-mart, the clothes hamper is from a doll store, and the towel rack is from home goods. Not sure where the blue shelf was from, but it looks great in here. Now we are going to the kitchen.

This is the open concept kitchen and dining room. We have Samantha’s table and chairs with recovered cushions,and the pink kitchen, washer, and dryer from target. Along with many shelves from antique stores my Mom repainted. Let’s go to the living room!

This is the living room, which is now right off the kitchen. The chairs and couch are from eBay. The coffee table is from an antique store, and the shelves are ink pad holders. The fireplace I built out in building trades with some help from my teacher. The fireplace is from the caroling statues they have at Christmas. The poster is what my name means. Now for an overview!

This is the overview of my Dollhouse now. If you look back at my first dollhouse post, you will see the major difference. Mostly everything has been switched, but this new layout works so much better. Here is a close up…

This is a close up. Now my dollhouse is three bedroom, one bath open concept rancher. I wanted to share this because this was just too awesome to keep to myself. I hope you enjoyed!

THANK YOU Brianne – this is seriously AWESOME!