Brianne’s Doll Space Take 2

Late this summer we took a look at Brianne’s doll space and she recently renovated it. She sent in photos and a little description as to what she did – I’m sure you will love it.

Let’s start the tour – in Brianne’s words:

This is the blue bedroom. The beds are from Ebay, and are beautiful quality. The bedding and pillows my Mom hand stitched herself, and looks awesome, just like everything she makes for me! The colorful cabinet is from Hobby Lobby, and the side tables are from home goods. Let’s move on to bedroom number two!

This is the first bedroom when you walk into the dollhouse. Ronney, Blake, and Addie are having a nice conversation. Both of the beds are from American Girl, along with the new white nightstand, which I received from Christmas. The hutch, bookshelf, and white lamp are from antique stores, and the orange desk is from eBay. The chair was my Mom’s when she was a little girl for her dolls, and we added a cushion and pillows. The cool rug is from ikea. Now, let’s move on to my most favorite addition!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Greyson! He is my new custom boy doll, and this is his room. He was a Just Like You 56, but I bought a new wig and went to my favorite doll store to get him rewigged. His bed I found on eBay, and his bedding was hand stitched by my Mom also. The silver cabinet was from Hobby Lobby, which my Mom repainted. The tall black cabinet was from home goods and also repainted. The coffee table I made in building trades at my school. The silver lamp my Mom found at an antique store and repainted. The peace sign is a patch which was glued on. Excuse the postcards, because during all the renovations we ran out of fun tac, so we can’t hang anything up right now. I am going to hang them all up at once. However, the Greyson poster was made by me in art club.

This is the bathroom, which has now moved into the back corner. The vanity is from American Girl, along with the toilet. The tub is from wal-mart, the clothes hamper is from a doll store, and the towel rack is from home goods. Not sure where the blue shelf was from, but it looks great in here. Now we are going to the kitchen.

This is the open concept kitchen and dining room. We have Samantha’s table and chairs with recovered cushions,and the pink kitchen, washer, and dryer from target. Along with many shelves from antique stores my Mom repainted. Let’s go to the living room!

This is the living room, which is now right off the kitchen. The chairs and couch are from eBay. The coffee table is from an antique store, and the shelves are ink pad holders. The fireplace I built out in building trades with some help from my teacher. The fireplace is from the caroling statues they have at Christmas. The poster is what my name means. Now for an overview!

This is the overview of my Dollhouse now. If you look back at my first dollhouse post, you will see the major difference. Mostly everything has been switched, but this new layout works so much better. Here is a close up…

This is a close up. Now my dollhouse is three bedroom, one bath open concept rancher. I wanted to share this because this was just too awesome to keep to myself. I hope you enjoyed!

THANK YOU Brianne – this is seriously AWESOME!

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  1. Megan!!!!!!! says:

    ITS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brianne (Brie) says:

    It’s taken years to get everything, but I add stuff to it all the time. I actually think I need to add on to it because I have gotten 2 more dolls and I need more beds! I want to add more space on the other side of my room. I want it to be like an attic. I need to think of how to do it, though. I want it to be just as good as this!

  3. Wow you mom does beautiful stiching.thirdie

  4. I i think boy dolls are weired.

  5. I love this doll house! It’s awesome!

  6. You should put a small shelf type thing that goes from wall to wall right over the window. Then it would be very much like an attic!

  7. Cool I don’t know if I hav room for a dollhouse but I’m gonna make it possible

  8. I love it soo cute !

  9. Brianne- Is your doll Greyson customized to look like a certain person or celebrity? :) I love your dollhouse!

  10. Brianne (Brie) says:

    No, he is not modeled after anyone. He was a JLY 56 and the hair was just so dry. I then decided to turn him into a boy. Not sure who he would look like, though.

  11. Brianne: How did you make the actual structure of your house? It looks like they are some sort of boards…I need help on this desperately because i need a way to make my doll area into something more organized, like this!!!

  12. AGMcKenna94 says:

    I am currently in the middle of making a doll stage, when I send you the pictures of how I made it? If I can-great!!!!!! I Thank you!!!!

  13. Sure – that would be great

  14. Brianne (Brie) says:

    The boards are I believe foam boards. They are sturdy, and work really well.

  15. PrincessP'smom says:

    Luv your house! My daughter just turned 5 so we are just getting started but she has two dolls. I got her the OG kitchen set for her bday and we got it out last night. I can’t wait to get home and play with it some more! I was really surprised by the amount of accessories and the cute details like the house plant and cactus that came with.
    We don’t have a whole room but part of one for the dolls and I am surfing ideas to come up with the perfect house for us. Thank you for the ideas

  16. hi brianne! i love your house and was just wondering if i could use some of you ideas and layouts?
    natalie, (craftygiraffe)

  17. All you need now is a back yard. Maybe with a camper, garden and tree house!

  18. Cool doll house.

  19. This is absolutely amazing!!

  20. Brianne (Brie) says:

    You know, at one point I did have a backyard, with real AstroTurf. However, my Mom took it down so my dolls would have a clothes rack. In reality I believe it is for drying clothes for people, but it fits all the good outfits. I was going to bring it back, but I think an another bedroom is needed on the other side.

  21. AGMcKenna94 says:

    Char- I forgot the dd email adress can you plz tell me it?

  22. I also would love to know how you set the boards up so they stay. Also, where did you find the puzzle floor? So neat!

  23. Brianne (Brie) says:

    We have the boards taped with duck tape in some places and binder clips holding boards together also. The puzzle floor my Mom bout off of a website called one step ahead. They have light wood floors which are the ones I have, or dark wood floors. My Mom just added more floors and now I have more space for another bedroom! I am so excited! I think the new bedroom will be lime green motif, maybe purple. I love both colors together, but we have to see what we will find in antique stores, eBay, and flea markets. I love her som much! :)

  24. Wow it is so big! :)

  25. wow! your room and your dollhouse is HUGE!

  26. This is great! I am going to send in photos of my dollhouse soon! 😀

  27. Brianne (Brie) says:

    I have no problem with anyone using my ideas. I would be so honored if you used them. That is exactly what I want, people to try my ideas, and I would love to see your result! My Mom and I are in the process of making another bedroom. We just bought beds and rugs from Ikea today, and my Mom is going to sew more bedding together. All I can tell you at this point is that the room is going to be mainly purple. Tomorrow my Mom and I are going to be busy going through all the doll stuff. And there is a lot of it. It is going to be tiring, but all worth it.

  28. I love you’re dolls names they are very creative

  29. oh my goodness it is massive

  30. How long did it take you to do all of that? I don’t have room for it at my house unless I use the attic but it is way to hot up there!

  31. Brianne (Brie) says:

    It has taken years to get it like this. I started with the house first and in July 2011 I received my first doll, Ronney, from my Aunt. As of this week, the space has grown much bigger because my Mom bought more floor mats and expanded the floors to make another bedroom. It looks amazing, but the new space is not quite done yet. I will try to send in pictures when everything is in place. It just looks so good!

  32. This looks fantastic, Brianne 😀 what AG set is that toilet from? Thanks :)

  33. Brianne (Brie) says:

    The toilet is actually the bitty twin potty. I cut the rope that holds the dolls off. I think it works great then other things I tried.

  34. char I just got my house done for my dolls it even is furnished with lots of retired furniture can I send in pictures

  35. Please do Abbi

  36. Brianne-where do you get the walls, how do you make them if you build them yourself? And also char : im building my own dollhouse and keep collecting more and more stuff. I have 13 american girl dolls currently but im getting saige and im gonna keep on adding more to my collection. Should i email you the pictures?

  37. You can send in photos anytime.

  38. brianna fryters says:


  39. AgLifeWithU says:

    Ill try to build a dollhouse I hav room for it just not furniture.ill probably b redoing my room then ill hav even more room

  40. Brianne (Brie) says:

    The walls are foam boards from craft stores like Michaels and A.C. Moore. I hope that helps!