I was just going through an old folder of photos and came across some gems so I thought I would share them with you today.

American Girl of the Year Marisol Luna

American Girl of the Year 2005, Marisol Luna wearing her Meet Outfit and hanging out with her cat. You can also see the Girls Guide to Getting Started from the old American Girl Club.

Americaann Girl Elizabeth and Felicity

Retired American Girl historical characters Elizabeth and Felicity standing on a wooden doll storage cabinet I bought in 2005 off eBay. Elizabeth is wearing her meet outfit – don’t ask me why she is wearing only one shoe though! Felicity is wearing her Tea Lesson gown and her meet dress is on the dress form in the cabinet. And Baby Polly is sleeping in her cradle.

American Girl

This is Nicole – she was our very first American Girl doll. Actually she was Megan’s. Natalie got her Bitty Baby at the same time. Nicole is a retired GT3 (Girl of Today) with blonde hair, blue eyes and bangs. She is wearing the Paisley Dress Outfit introduced in 2003 and has her Talent Show accessories too. She is sitting in American Girl Place Directors Chair from the New York store.

American Girl Emily and Kit

Here we have Emily wearing her Meet Outfit and Kit in her Christmas dress and they are sitting in the retired Theater Seats from Emily and Molly’s collection.

Bitty Baby and Kit in Ireland

Bitty Baby and Kit visited Ireland in 2006 and they are sitting on the wall at my Grandparent’s house. I am looking forward to seeing this view again soon. You won’t even notice when I’m gone – Megan and Natalie will be checking the comments and new posts will still be going up, but trust me, you will know it when I get back.

Have a great day!