Do you have a Bitty Twin? I am lucky enough to have been gifted my Bitty Twin for my birthday from my friend Cheryl and I named my Bitty Twin after her.  Today  I wanted to share about how to care for your Bitty Twin’s hair and show you through my video how easy it is to take her hair down and style it with a big bow!

To style your Bitty Twin’s hair I recommend using Heads Up Detangler. This is a great product from Twin Pines of Maine and I use it with all my dolls hair. I also used a wire wig brush, the one I use in the videos below  is a “my life as” hair brush I purchased at Walmart in the USA. I also use hair elastics and hair clips I purchase at my dollar store and I store them when not in use in a glass jar I decorated with a Me and My Peep’s Decal.

Be sure to keep your eyes out for bits of ribbon and hair accessories you can find at your local dollar store that will work well in your dolls hair!

Here are 4 videos on how I styled and cared for my Bitty Twin’s Hair.

Style #1

Style #2

Style #3

Style #4

I hope you enjoyed them!