Karen here and it is my Birthday Weekend, it is also my twin nieces birthday we share our special day and I thought it was a fun coincidence that two of my favorite birthday party play sets for dolls were on sale this weekend at both AmericanGirl.com and Maplelea.com.

The set in the photo above is one of my favorite Maplelea Play Sets. Set To Celebrate is a 36 piece party set that arrives in a wonderful reusable box. With everything you need to throw a party for four of your best doll friends! The Napkins and Place-mats included in this set are adorable and in this photo I have the napkins as the place-mats and the place-mats as the napkins so they fit better on my table. I love that you can use them two ways. The cake is fun and easy to put back together after dolly is finished! The forks have a great weight to them and the colors of the set are fun and festive! This is truly a great set!

Maplelea has this set on sale right now for $55.00 Canadian you can view their website and listing for Set To Celebrate by clicking here.

Over at Americangirl.com their Happy Birthday Set is on sale for $25.00 US

I love the little personal sized cakes for two included in this set as well as the paper crowns, napkins, flowers and birthday card. This is a lovely party set for two! You can find this set in the sale section of the American Girl Website by clicking here.

Birthdays as such a fun time to celebrate and great party play sets like these help bring the real life excitement of parties to doll play year round.