If you haven’t already heard, Springfield Dolls are having a HUGE sale right now at their online store and the prices are CRAZY good! I’m going to let a few of our “friends” tell you about it.

Springfield doll Maria and her good friend Emma just got back from the HUGE Springfield winter sale and are comparing notes.

“Emma, can you believe I got this summer top and capris for $4.99 and this scarf was only $1.99?”

“Well, I got this puffy vest for $2.99 – and it may be my all time favorite piece in my winter wardrobe,” answered Emma.

“Oh m’ gosh – this jean jacket was the same price – $2.99!! The deals were amazing – certainly made it affordable to give our closet a little refresher!” said Maria.

Maria and Emma want to share three more reasons why you need to go check out the big Springfield winter sale:

1. Items they have not stocked in years are back and selling for under $5 each.

2. This is the perfect time to stock up on birthday presents, party favors and basics for your dolly friends.

3. At these prices, you can pick up basics like the black hoodie and get creative – bling them out, add embellishments or use them as inspiration for something all together new!

The sale started today and at these prices, things are going fast!!

Shop Springfield Online now!