Have you ever looked at a doll, and wondered if you could change her look?  Well that is exactly what happened when I first saw “Brujita”  which means “Little Witch” in Spanish.   I first saw Brujita over a year ago, but she was not available in the USA.  After Toy Fair when we found out that Paola Reina America would distribute to Canada and the USA,  I knew the “Las Reinas de Paola” dolls would make it into my collection.  Brujita now has her own review……..

She is “bewitching” with her very colorful outfit .  The dress is made with layers of tulle for the skirt.  She wears a felt made witches hat.

A closer look at her face, brings out her beautiful green eyes which is what attracted me towards her.  She is the only one in this collection with green eyes. Her face mold is the same as Lidia.

It did not take long for Alma to welcome Brujita.  “Hi” said Alma, “welcome to the nice lady’s home.  What is your name?”  “Well” said Brujita, “the nice lady told me my new name would be Samantha after a TV show named “Bewitched”.  I like that name” said  Brujita.

Lidia joined Alma, and was introduced to Samantha.  All three girls look very different from each other, but Lidia and Samantha share the same face mold.

Out of the box Samantha came and straight to a photo shoot .  Her hat was removed,  her hair comes with a middle hair part but I do not like middle parts so her hair was styled with a side part.   The top layer of her hair is full of different color hair: green, orange, purple, yellow.   This makes it very interesting to style her hair as we will see later.

Her black boots have a purple belt which matches her dress.

You can see the different color of  hair strands which look great against the jet black hair.  Her hair is very straight.  When the skirt is removed, she wears a leotard underneath.

A closer look at her hair and leotard.  She also comes with arm gloves using a stretch net.

Samantha had her clothes changed to newborn clothes and the pink boots are also baby newborn boots.  Now I had fun with her hair, giving her different looks.

Samantha has no bangs, it makes it easy for her to wear a hairband.  This look hides the color strands.

A closer look at her green eyes. They are mesmerizing!

Changing her hair style as she enjoys petting Doodles.

Another look pulling one side back using a barrette.

Samantha is very photogenic and I love the many ways her hair can get styled.  Samantha will have many adventures with Alma and Lidia and will share many of the newborn clothes.

Are green and pink her colors?

Or could it be aqua and pink?

Samantha the good witch dressed to play!  Which is your favorite pose and outfit?

Which is your favorite “Las Reinas de Paola”  dolls?

Fun Facts:
1. Dolls are available on the Paola Reina America website:  http://paolareinaamerica.com/
2. Newborn baby clothes are from Target and need minor adjustments.