Best Friends Club Ink Fashion Doll Pack - Addison
When we  were at Target Saturday we noticed a new line of 18″ dolls from MGA called Best Friends Club, Ink. or BFC Ink.  The collection is made up of 5 characters – Addison, Calista, Kaitlin, and twins Aliesha and Noelle – all girls with varied interests who face different challenges. The dolls are packaged with an outfit, a lockable journal, membership card, fortune teller game, and cute accessories. Additionally, their have jointed arms and legs making them poseable and more fun for younger girls to play with.

In addition to the dolls, there is a line of books, games and electronics. The BFC, Ink Dolls are definitely a hot gift item this holiday season. Click on images below for availability and ordering information through Amazon.

BFC, Ink. 18″ Large Dollpack- Kaitlin

BFC, Ink. 18″ Large Dollpack- Addison

BFC Ink 18″ Large Dollpack – Calista

BFC, Ink. Fashion Dollpack- Kaitlin

BFC, Ink. Fashion Dollpack- Addison

BFC, Ink Fashion Dollpack – Calista

BFC Ink Dollpack Twins – Aleisha/Noelle

BFC, Ink Secret Sign in Journal

BFC, Ink. 18″ Large Doll Fashion Pack- Pretty Preppy