Bella’s American Girl Dallas Trip Report

One of our readers, Bella, went to the American Girl store in Dallas yesterday and sent in some photos for us to see.

The “I Love Pets” pajamas. It comes with a nightgown, leggings, slippers, and hair elastics. It is afford-ably priced at $24!

The new apron set for a doll and girl, and cookie cutters.

This is a new “Cozy Lounge Chair” . It is like a pillow with a piece of plastic inside to make it a chair. There also is a wooden table with soda, a checkers game, and nachos on it. It is called the “Fun and Games Table”.
The chair is $48 and the table with the accessories is $58

It is a setting for your American Girl doll. The backdrop and furniture are made out of a stiff cardboard. It includes a bag with a airplane design, a microphone headset for your doll, and food. It is $60.

These are some of the accessories included.

There also is a theater. Everything is also made of stiff cardboard. It includes cups, candy and a movie clapper.

Another view of the set. This set also costs $60.

This is the back. It has a ticket booth.It says Theatre on the sides and on the top there is a place to say the name of your theater.

Finally, there is a new storage unit for your doll.

Thanks Bella for sending these in!

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  1. Pretty Irish AG says:

    What is BJ’s

  2. @Pretty Irish AG BJ’s is the name of a wholesale store. They sell all things like groceries, clothes, hygiene stuff, and whatnot. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Sam’s Club or Costco, but that’s basically what BJ’s is. ^_^

  3. Love the stuff

  4. Naomi, I saw that too! And the iPod is from Mia’s accessories!

  5. I really would love to go to a american girl place but I live in Pennsylvania so it is kinda far away. :)

  6. I spy Mias Headphones and iPod! And Lanies Milk and Juice from her Camper!!

  7. I spy Mias Headphones and iPod! And Lanies Milk and Juice from her Camper!!

  8. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Do they sell the aprons separately? As in for girls or for dolls

  9. Alsoo, can someone please tell me what Costco is?

  10. I have the doll in the first picture. 😀

  11. chole-costco is a wholesale store like sams club or bj’s they sell clothes,electronics,hygeine stuff,kitchen utensils and sometimes american girl stuff!!!!!!

  12. There is also a resteraunt/ care of those cardboard scenes. The care one is so cool because it comes with so much food. Even cinnamon buns!!!!!!!

  13. Those pictures are really interesting and exciting! I like the new table! :)

  14. @Emma, well these come with a lot of stuff. Basically the airplane is doll travel+more awesomeness.

  15. I NEED those pajamas!
    I have the old fold up set. It’s the Styes and Smiles hair salon!

  16. Oh, I ment Styles.

  17. OMG, I meant meant! I can’t spell today!

  18. need that so much.I only got an American girl doll

  19. I have the doll airplane and it’s so fun, I also have the cafe which comes with a ton of food and I got both these sets at Costco for $45 each. I agree that the headphones in the plane set and Mia’s headphones look a lot alike but there are a few differences. Mia’s headphones actually “play” music a short little tune where as the airplane set doesn’t play anything, on to the actual headphones Mia’s are padded like real headphones and the headphones in the plane are all plastic. Overall I love the airplane set and the cafe set and they have sooooo much play value! :)

  20. So cute

  21. I love the storage unit! I want it so much!

  22. i need the fun=games tabel, good thing I live 2 hours from Miami!

  23. Glamourousdollies says:

    I really am hoping AG isn’t charging $60 bucks for a cardboard theater. I could something get like that at Wal*Mart for 25 bucks. I love AG and their stuff, but really? Please don’t think I hat AG, I’m just disappointed. I don’t want their stuff to become like Our Generation or some other knock-off doll company!

  24. You are the luckest girl in the world.To me.